Thursday, September 4, 2014

Lacelle by Bausch & Lomb Contact Lenses Review

Apparently, Lacelle is the new contact lens range under the brand of Bausch & Lomb. I got mine for FREE during their roadshow near KLCC bus station recently. They're 1 month disposable type contact lenses. Means, after 1 month, you'll need to dump these & buy a new one. That's the duration recommended by any eye care practitioner basically. But, if you take care of your lenses well, you can even wear them for 3 months. Not long ago, contact lenses lasted until 5 months! But long gone are those days, since the contact lenses nowadays have lesser Aqua/water content. If you wear them for more than the recommended months, the lenses will likely become a bit hard/dry and it's not much comfortable to be worn since your eyes might turn dry fast/easily. So, it's better to just get a new pair or you'll risk having to rub your eyes frequently because your eyes feel dry and at times your vision becomes a bit blurry due the dryness.

I got my Lacelle lens in Black color and the best part is that they're also powered ones, since I'm far sighted. 

How the contact lens would look like during different times/lighting

You can check out their official website to know more about their lenses. From my reading, Lacelle also have other colors to offer. The picture above have me wearing Black. It's basically a simple lace-y black ring. It's quite nice actually. I'm a fan of  bright colored contact lenses, so, wearing Lacelle lens is far much comfy since the color doesn't block much of my eye sight. If you're a fan of bright colored contacts, you'd know that bright colored contacts can disturb your sight at times because there's too much color & the middle diameter is quite small, compare to Lacelle. So, wearing Lacelle is much clearer when it comes to 'seeing more'.

And, here is my natural eye color without any contact lens. Not sure if anyone is interested in seeing them though :p Anyway, don't mind the little bumps around my eye. Since it's a close-up picture,'ll be able to see any bumps, spots etc 

This is my natural eye color without any contact lens