Friday, November 1, 2013

Chanel Le Blanc Powder Foundation

It's being nice to my skin, so I came back for more ♡

I was mortified the first time I saw Chanel Le Blanc's products ads in magazines about almost a year ago. There's just something that really made me attract to this product. At first, I was thinking maybe it's just my shopaholic hormones urging to shop shop/ buy buy. But then after for so long, probably about a few months after that urge, I still feel all jumpy with excitement whenever I see this particular powder foundation. It's like whispering to me "Anna... Anna... come buy me.." :p

Every woman sure dreamt of owning themselves a bag or piece of clothes or two from Chanel. Right? Right?? But too bad they're just too darn expensive. The closest thing I could get is their powder foundation. Haha. I'm not saying that they're cheap, because they're definitely not cheap for me. But the 'prices' are still there. Btw, I'm a fan of anything whitening powder. So maybe that's another reason why I like Chanel Le Blanc.

I chose the powder foundation because it was a co-incident that my old one runs out. It's not like my old powder foundation isn't good, but I thought of changing to something different. And, I like buying a compact case that are refillable. Means that I don't have to keep buying new ones complete with their casing everytime! But even so, some companies came up with smart strategies these days. There are some that keeps changing the sizes of their compact cases even though there are refills provided in the market. Means that whether you like it or not, you have to buy a new compact case everytime, OR you can just use them a.s.a.p (not more than 3 months or so) & only then you get to buy their refills, without having to buy the complete new case =_=

Smart marketing eh? :)

I consider myself as slow as a snail or a turtle when it comes to using my make-up (powder foundation included), in terms of the longevity. 1 product usually finishes up around 6 to 8 months for me. That's quite a long time. But thank God Chanel Le Blanc doesn't change their powder foundation casing hehe

For me, this powder foundation lasts up to long hours, give me the dolled up look but still left me looking natural and not made up. Besides that, it doesn't left me with blue-ish/purplish complexion nor does it gave me the mask-effect :p

But the downside is, I don't know if it's just my skin or what, the first few weeks wearing them, my face is prone to acne and I could feel that my pores are heavily clogged. But then afterwards, it's all aright. I'm not sure why? Yeah no more acne now and I don't feel my pores being heavily clogged as much :/

Well, it does clog your pores if you keep re-touching your face with it a few times in a day though :p
I mean, which cosmetics doesn't?

Maybe the acne stuff on my face was because I'm not used to had my pores clogged much?? haha. Or maybe I'm just allergic to expensive/high end products :p