Saturday, May 4, 2013

How To Reuse Shopping Bags

When you went out buying things from shopping malls, some of the retailers will pack your purchased stuffs inside a paper bag. You can actually re-use them to pack presents/gifts. Xmas gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts etc. It will sure make your presents stand out from the rest of the presents. For me, there's always that weird good feeling when you make that little extra effort instead of buying the gift wraps readily made in stores :)

I had quite a few shopping paper bags that I kept back at home and keeping them for a long time isn't good, because sooner or later, some creature/animal will make your saved paper bags as their home. Especially roaches. Lol. I don't know why, roaches just loves anything paper, including un-used newspapers. If you kept them for too long, they'll infested by roaches, ants, molds, dusts and the like. Before it turns into a monster, you better think of something to do with em'.

I've used the old box/ paper bags to wrap a gift:

Here's what you'll need. Scissor, old box, old paper bag and cellotape.
Sorry, cellotape  ain't in this picture :p

Take out unnecessary thing/anything inside the old box. Lol.
 Because you'll need to fill it with your presents

Cut all sides of the paper bag/ shopping bag

It will look like this after you cut all the sides of the paper bag/ shopping bag

I think it's lucky that the size of the paper bag 'fits' nicely with the gift box

Wrap your gift box with the cut up paper bag/ shopping bag. You
can either use cellotape, double sided tapes or extra strong glue to 'paste' it to
your gift box
(so that the paper bag won't come off from the gift box)

How my wrapped up gift box looks like from the sides after it's finish

How it looks like from the front and back. You can even tie a ribbon
around the box to make it looks like a errrr gift?  

The complete product. Finish! I stick a small wishing note at the corner
of the box hehe

Lastly, after all that work, don't forget to fill in your presents inside the box! Lol.