Saturday, May 4, 2013

How To Pick The Best Mascara

Whenever I bought a mascara, I'd buy it in black. I don't like and have never tried colorful mascaras like green, blue, brown etc. I don't like the weird color.. 

Maybelline Magnum Volume Express. So far, I think this is the best mascara
that works for me, compared to the two that I've used below (Silkygirl and Za)

Silkygirl Mascara. It's very wallet friendly. Your wallet and this mascara
can be lifetime buddies.

Killer Volume Mascara by Za. I like the packaging. It's pink and black.
Two of my favorite colors :p
Hmmm this mascara is ok so far. But still, I personally think Maybelline is the best.
I don't seem to get enough of the black liquid on the wand from this Za

The packaging for Killer Volume Mascara from Za

Mascaras that I have never used before but I've read the massive review and would like to have one somewhere in the future soon
Bad Gal Lash from Benefit. You can get them at Benefit's cosmetic sounters or at Sephora.
I've read that SO MANY celebrities adore/use this mascara, including Vanessa Hudgens

Diorshow mascara. It is known that the models at the runways use this mascara backstage. They're
the favorite of the models. Or so, that's what I read. Lol

One word to remember, "bushy thick wand". It will get you more volume to your lashes.