Monday, September 22, 2014

Selena Gomez (Come & Get It) Inspired Make-Up

How to wear bright red lipstick and golden eyeshadow and keeps your young age at the same time.

Selena Gomez
I think everyone should know that golden eyeshadow when teams up with bright red lipstick can actually makes you look very old. Almost aunt like, if you get what I mean. So, the secret to avoid that is to pick the matte red lipstick and avoid rimming your lower eye rims with black eyeliner.

The eye make-up look from up close

Tools you'll need:
- Golden eyeshadow
- Dark brown/brick eyeshadow
- Eyeliner pen/liquid
- Mascara
- Red lipstick

How to:

1) As usual, always exfoliate and wash your face first before wearing any (thing) make up. Then, prep your skin with face moisturizers/serums so that your foundation and loose powder will goes on smoothly (not cakey) upon their application. Face moisturizers/ serums also make your face looks dewy and it will save you from dry flaky skin much later on. Put on foundation and loose powder all over your face. Then prep your eyes with eye primer. I use eye primer from Urban Decay (Anti-Aging).

2) After you've applied eye primer on both your eyelids, take the dark brown/brick colored eyeshadow and apply it on the socket of your eyes (?) or errr eye sockets? I hope you get what I'm trying to say. If not, then see my picture above or below. REMEMBER to apply the dark brown/brick colored eyeshadow around the eye socket/ eye bone area only lol ughh I don't know what it called anyway. DON'T apply it on the whole eyelid.

3) Next, take the gold eyeshadow and apply it below the dark brown/brick colored eyeshadow. Remember to blend the eyeshadows so that it doesn't look drawn on or weird. Blend means you take a medium sized brush (for eyeshadows specifically) and put the brush above the place where you've applied the dark brown/brick colored eyeshadow and gently put put put or dot dot dot the brush there, along from the inner of your eyes to the outer corner and vice versa. Like I said, the reason behind it is for the dark brown/brick colored eyeshadow to not look drawn in or too harsh that it makes you look weird. Also, take a little gold eyeshadow and apply it below your lower lash line.

By the way, I use Urban Decay Naked 3 Pallette in Nooner (for dark brown/brick color) and Trick (for the gold color)

4) Then, take your eyeliner pen or liquid eyeliner in black and draw a line that ends with a flick at the outer corner of your eyes, almost like a cat eye. Try not to draw (too) thick line, as a thick line can make your eyeshadows that you've applied on earlier pretty much useless or disappear. Besides that, if you're Asian, thick lines can make your eyes even more slanted and small. It can make you look like you don't have any eyelids, even if you have one. The whole reason for this Selena Gomez (Come & Get It) inspired make-up is to focus on the eyeshadows and the lip color.

5) Apply on mascara. A double coat will do. Or as much as possible. I don't like wearing falsies (fake eyelashes), so I bulk on the mascara instead. Apply mascara on both upper lashes and lower lashes. Selena Gomez in Come & Get It video wears eyeliner on her lower eye rims. But I skip the part and replace the lower eye rims liner with lots of mascara for lower lashes instead. Why? If you've noticed, Selena have a very youthful face or a baby face. Eyeliner on the lower eye rims can actually make you look old or age you VERY much. And, if teamed up with red lipstick, you'll end up looking like you're in your mid 30s something if not, worse. So, skip the whole eyeliner on the lower eye rims look. It looks nice on Selena, since she have a baby face.

6) Apply a red lip color/lipstick. I prefer the matte effect since matte effect lipstick will make you look more youthful, believe it or not. Plus, make sure that the lipstick is highly pigmented. I use Sephora long lasting matte effect lipstick in No. 19. It's very pigmented and you'll only have to apply it once and it doesn't melt unless if you're eating very oily food like fried chicken, fried banana fritters etc.

7) Other things that I may have missed to explain is, the eyebrows. As usual, draw your eyebrows with brow liner or something. It depends on individuals.

I thought it'd be 'normal' or boring or too mainstream to post nice perfect proportioned photo of myself
after every make-up tutorial? So why not post a retarded or distorted one instead

Hope you'll try this make-up inspired look and happy trying :)
Selamat mencuba!