Monday, June 16, 2014

Emma Maembong Inspired Eye Make-Up

As one of the leading actress since 2013 until now, one thing I noticed on Emma Maembong is her eye make-up, aside than her very fair skin and other cuteness overload..hehe. I noticed that she likes to use brown colored eyeshadow. And as one of an ardent fan of gray colored contacts, brown colored eyeshadow really does brings out the radiance of gray colored contacts/ gray colored eyes. The color brown is a lot more youthful than the usual black, when it comes to smoky eye make-up. If you have pale blonde hair, the usual black smoky eye make-up will look youthful on you, as Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless and Avril Lavigne shows you.

Anyway, you can either opt for natural or smoky when it comes to brown colored eyeshadow. Just pick the right shade. In this blog post, I'll show you how to achieve Emma Maembongs' eyes ;p

1. First thing first, you'll need brown colored eyeshadow. I used Naked 3 Eye Shadow Palette from Urban Decay. I opt for the color called Nooner for the base and Factory for the upper crease. Make sure you blends them well. I use Factory for the upper crease so that my eyes looks like as if they're deep set eyes. Lol. Well, almost. Then after that, you'll need the 'magic instruments' below

From left to right: Benefit Instant Brow Pencil in Medium
                Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner
                           Benefit Highbrow Highlighter pencil

Mascaras. The best way to achieve flawless lashes is to
get the mascara base, the upper lash mascara and
the bottom lash mascara

2. After applying the eyeshadow, apply the eyeliner. It's best to use the liquid/pen form of eyeliner, as they make more of a precise line than the pencil eyeliner and they won't easily melt after a few hours.

3. Then, apply the brow liner to define your eyebrows. To make them stand out more, I used a highlighter pencil specially made for brows. This one that I used have a linen pink color. You'll need to blends/rubs them a bit with your fingertip, after applying em'.

Lightly lined along the under arch of your eyebrows

Then lightly put two dots on the upper arch of your eyebrows.
Don't forget to blends them with your fingertip afterwards

Here are the finished look:

I hope you have fun reading! :)