Saturday, December 28, 2013

Katy Perry Vampire Birthday Bash

I feel that it had been so long since I last updated my blog. So this also probably can be called as December updates :) (since all of the pictures below are taken in this month. The month of December)

It should've titled as December Updates but since nobody would search that in Google, why not put the title as Katy Perry Vampire Birthday Dash instead? After all, I am inspired by Katy Perry Vampire Birthday after all. I know her vampire birthday dash happened last year but I guess I was left out :p

I don't know why her vampire birthday dash suddenly pops out. It's probably because I was searching for John Mayer Herpes on Google. LOL. Well don't ask me why, I don't even know where to start. I guess I searched for crazy things on Google when I'm bored. Or probably I was searching for John Mayer's lyrics to his song called Paper Doll. Rumor has it that song was dedicated to Taylor Swift. So, I love Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. But no love for John Mayer. Sorry.


I love Katy Perry make-up in her vampire birthday bash. It's kind of like vermillion/brick red/berry colored eyeshadow mix with brown. And these days, I've been crazy with brown/neutral eye make-up. And, if you've read somewhere in the magazine or the internet, vermillion and berry colored things (especially eyeshadows) are the 'in' thing for this December. Hehe.

Katy Perry still look gorgeous even with fangs and mouth opened like that ;___;

As I've mentioned, I have ditched the thick black eyeliner/kohl and the super dark eyeshadows, altogether. Lol. I'm in love with brown/bronze/earth colored eye make-up 
and also not forgetting, strong eyebrows (in light brown) 

The brown eye make-up and strong eyebrows and and
and fluttering eye lashes :p

Beauty stash for this month. Bad Gal mascara by Benefit, Loreal Eyeliner Pen
and Daiso's RM5 brown eyeshadows and lol because I still
couldn't afford Urban Decay Naked Eye Pallete just yet T.T

The deep red/wine red nails I'm sporting since I'm awed with Katy Perry's
Vampire Birthday Bash
Besides make-up, I also tried the Belgian homemade waffles by Wafflemeister. I was spilled with choices as to of which waffles should I tried. And so, I pick up the Strawberry Heaven/Haven. I wanted to just order waffles with no toppings/sauces/cream or whatsoever, since it was the cheapest on the menu, but it probably won't look good for this blog. Lol. So I ordered something strawberry-ieeee, cream-ieee & chocolate-ieee, because the color combo looks nice to post up in this blog. Hohaha