Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Best Colored Contact Lenses for Dark Eyes

The best brand for dark eyes is by ADORE

I have quite a very dark eye color, which is dark brown. Back in 2008 something, I love Freshkon contact lenses due to its bright and vivid colors. BUT eversince the K-Pop/Korean big natural eyes craze (or was it just me?), almost all colored contact lenses from any brand seems to be 'fading' its colors. The once bright and vivid colors have now become so blergh/blah for me. The colors are not as striking as it used to be. There are times where I feel quite mad/angry over this. Lol. Psychotic much?

I'm not a fan of Korean big and natural 'colored' contact lenses. I'd rather buy real none colored ones if that's the case (the ones just for correcting your vision) like Johnson's & Johnson's or Bausch & Lomb -.-
I dislike the Korean big and natural 'colored' contact lenses because of my past experience where I wore them once and it left my face looking cartoon-y. So I guess, big eyes doesn't suit everyone. Or maybe it's just me for picking up the wrong size? Lol. These lenses do have varying diameters though  ⊙﹏⊙

So, I'd recommend you a brand name ADORE. It's not a very popular brand/widely known out there. But it's very comfortable and the colors are striking. And the price is very unexpected! Very wallet friendly :)

I wore the color gray in the pictures above. I strongly recommend you ADORE especially for those who like taking selfie (self photos) of yourself. Haha. It's because you don't need camera flash/bright lighting for your eyes to show its colors.

I actually wanted the light blue color but the sales person told me that it need to be ordered first & I had to wait for a few days, so I just bought the ready stock that they have at the time :)

The contact lenses also somewhat big in diameters, but it doesn't left my face looking too cartoon-y. So it's a yay for me  ̄ω ̄

If you're wondering how 'cartoon-y' looks like, go see Lady Gaga's Bad Romance music video where Lady Gaga inside the bath tub with blonde curly hair