Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sale Sale Sale (Shoes From Forever 21)

Holla! It seems like it's been ages since my last post. To cut things short, I was doing some sightseeing (lol) in some shopping malls today and here what I found today in Forever 21 located in Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur. Shoes on sale! They had these quite awesome discounts for certain items. But unfortunately, I didn't get myself anything or buy anything. I only get myself a few pictures to feast your (and mine) eyes on :p
Who doesn't like to look at pretty looking shoes?

Excuse me and sorry for the wrinkly heels of mine lol

This high heels are talllllll. It's probably 5 inch heels. And since I'm not the type that are used to wearing this.
I had a problem walking in this. I feel like falling and it could snap my ankle if I'm not careful enough

This is a platform heels. I'm guessing it's also probably 5 inch in height. But this one is more stable for me compared than the black heels above. But still, I don't think I'm still able to walk no more than a few steps with these :p

This platform heels looks so girly with all that glitters. Well, it's a very nice combo of colors though. Beige and glitter

Glitter glitter. This one reminds me of the singer, Katy Perry, somehow. It looks as if something that Katy Perry would wear

So, I'm starting a new business that I have never thought of all this while! Such a waste isn't it? Tsk Tsk :(
I'm doing some freelance fashion job, which specifically speaking, a PERSONAL SHOPPER and a STYLIST.

So if you would like to ask anything regarding my services, please drop me an e-mail/ via e-mail at

The prices are very reasonable. And I don't actually charge thousands of dollars for the services that I offered.. Hey, I'm no Rachel Zoe :p she charges about $10 000 for a day of styling or possibly more and that's because she already have a big name & loads of experiences, which I think is quite admiring!

The services that I'm offering are as low as RM50. Please note that this services are only in Malaysia. If you need my help/assistance, then you'd have to visit/go to Malaysia :p

SO........WHAT IS A PERSONAL SHOPPER? (Leaving the definition of 'stylist' behind because I'm guessing most people knows what is a stylist?)

- Do the shopping for you, they pick what's good, what's not. But with your consent on what you actually aiming for/ what you want of course
- If you're on a limited budget or on a certain budget, they knows which malls to scour for the best prices
- If you're too busy or you don't have the time or that much time to roam and roam the malls to look for things that you want
- Personal shoppers usually have friends/contacts on getting items on a discount price. And they also have loads of discount cards/ member cards that you could have never imagined lol
- They usually (or must) knows the latest trends, what's hot, and what's not (fashion faux passe)

I think it's pretty much the same for the definition of 'stylist'. Except, maybe, the definition is more detailed, like, a stylist needs to know which colors are good on your skin tone, what will make you look like grandmas or aunties or young/immature etc, and which fabric that fits/looks well on your silhouette.

Perhaps that's for now :)
Till then, don't forget to contact me via e-mail if you have enquiries on my services

Anna Shamsul
Services offered: - Personal shopper
                          - Stylist (clothing/fashion)
                          - Stylist (make-up)