Monday, October 7, 2013

Eye Make-Up That Makes you Look Younger

Finally, I feel tired of the dark eye make-up that I'm wearing :p
All that gunk (eyeliner) around my eyes. Probably because I feel like I'm getting old and the fact that people always thought that I'm older than my real age, also didn't help. Lol. So I did some internet searching on "How to make yourself looks younger" and "Make-up that makes you look younger". And from my reading, it all sums up to:

1. Don't wear shimmery eyeshadows. But if you really like shimmery eyeshadows, just dab only a small amount of it, as if it's barely there.

2. Don't line your eyes with black kohl (black eyeliner). Whether it's on the upper lid or on your waterline. None. At all.

3. Use brown/earth colors for your eyeshadow and eyeliner. Brown.

4. Use lots of mascara for the full lashes look. Full lashes = your eyes will look more lively a.k.a young.

So here's my latest attempt in wearing less eyeliner and opting out for a more natural look:

The 2 above pics are more polished in terms of my eye make-up. Polished = full concentration. While the rest of the pics below had me at laziness, where I just dab whatever in a jiffy/ in a hurry 

Lately, I am fascinated by Emma Maembong. She's a famous Malaysian actress as to of now. I am fascinated by her beauty/how she wears her make-up. If you guys watched her videos in Keek, you might as well be amazed by her too. Lol. She looks pretty even without much/any make up on :)

Emma Maembong

Emma Maembong

Emma Maembong