Friday, July 26, 2013

How To Get Pale Blonde Hair

Before you bleach your hair, you will need to Google a few things, such as:

- What damages it can do to your hair.
- How long should you leave the bleach on your head during the bleaching process
- Can bleach causes your hair to fall so bad that it can cause you to be bald?

For whatever it is, always have a professional do the bleaching for you (eg: hair salon). Trust me, you might think that bleaching your hair at home will save you $$$. I did too! but not until my hair start falling out MASSIVELY. Ok, so the first time I bleached my whole hair was at a professional hair salon, then a few months later, my black roots (the original color of my hair) start to grow and somehow my hair became funny looking. Imagine, half black and half blonde. So I thought maybe it would be ok for me to touch up (bleach the growing roots of my original hair color) by myself. Because after all, what harm will I done to a 'few' strand of hairs? It's not like I'm bleaching the whole head right? WRONG!

I touched up the roots by myself and it turns out orange-y in color. It's not blonde. But orange. And so, I put more bleach on the orange-y hairs, thinking that maybe if I put more bleach and leave the bleach on my hair for longer, it will become pale blonde ala Taylor Momsen or Christina Aguilera. Lol.

But unfortunately, it didn't turn to be that way. It's still orange. Then I decided that I needed to go to the salon to fix it altogether.

The conclusion is, the best way to get pale blonde hair is to combine bleaching and coloring. It's not good to double up/ bulk up the bleaching. Bleaching alone will not get you pale blonde hair. Even if you did, your hair will likely to fall, sooner or later. It's because, bleaching is a strong and harsh chemical that will really damage your hair. After you have the orange-y color after the bleaching, apply hair coloring in the color of light blonde, and you're already on your way to have pale blonde hair

And don't forget, have someone professional, at the hair salon do all the bleaching/coloring process for you :)