Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Why Nepali Guys?

It's a long time myth saying that Nepalese are faithful lovers. They will love you for as long as they live. They will keep your companion for life. I think the myth is pretty popular. I've only heard of it before this and never actually get to really know one before. But then one day, upon getting to know one, then I know why there's even a myth to start with. Lol.

I suppose maybe that's why I like Nepali men? People usually asks me, "why?". Is it because of their looks? Well I couldn't lie. The eyes are the windows to the soul. It's from the eyes that will eventually make you interested in getting to know more about their soul. But then, people will also questioned, why do I want to be with someone/ or anyone that its country mainly lives in poverty and hardships. Why don't I get a 'mat salleh' @ cacausian instead? Or 'pak Arab' @ middle eastern guys. This is the answer:

Mat salleh @ cacausian : It's because I can't get along with their lifestyle. The drinking (whether for special occasions only or etc) and the touching/hugging/kissing when they hangout with their friends (NOTE: Female friends). I had been through a relationship before that comprised of this lifestyle and of course at first I didn't even mind etc that the guy's lifestyle was born to be this way. But then I got insane/psychotic as time goes by and I turned into a jealous monster. So it's definitely not for me.. I know not all 'mat salleh' drinks etc, but MOST of them are. Besides, the mat salleh(s) you met/see here in Malaysia already have their partners. Those who come to Malaysia usually aren't single and available.

Pak Arab @ middle eastern guys : I don't know how to even begin with. Ok, lets start with the thought of Middle Eastern women is a LOTTT prettier that me. Haha. Seriously, come on. Their women is a whole lot prettier than us women in Malaysia. So why the pak Arab will choose us to be their life partners in the very first place. If they want a life partner, they can just marry in their country. I know not all pak Arab are like this. But more than 50% are. Besides, I've heard this one advice that I've got from a friend where the mamat-mamat Arab whom is young and handsome that you met/see here in Malaysia is not really looking for a serious life partner among the Malaysian women. They're not really looking for serious long term life partner here at all. And most of them already have a partner back in their country.

Secondly, maybe it is known that they have quite a temper.. And they can marry up to 4 wives.. I know it's permitted in the religion, but I just don't fancy it.. I want to be the ONLY ONE. Because I'm greedy like that. It will hurt me real bad even knowing that my husband have the idea of marrying another woman. People might laugh it off as a joke, and I might too (when it comes to other people) but when the situation hits me right on my face, I'd probably lock myself in an asylum.

That's pretty much the reasons why I don't want mat salleh or pak Arab. But if you have a mat salleh or pak Arab boyfriend which is very different than my descriptions, then lucky you! :)

When it comes to money, I also beg to differ. I know with money, it will comes everything. If you have a rich husband, you'll live prosperous. But the question is, will us always have the sunny side behind us? You need to believe in God's fate that He have set upon us. A rich man will not always be rich. And a poor man will not always stay poor. But either way, I rather choose a man because of his good riddance instead of his wealth. All the money that the guy has will not make you really happy if you're not really happy with the man himself. I dreaded the situation of where I will like a man during his wealthy times and dumped him during his poor times. That ain't nice isn't it? So the best way for me to avoid that to happen is to choose someone that isn't wealthy in the first place. Just like the saying "with money, it will comes everything", you also need to know that a man with lots of money can just pick anything he wants or desires just like plucking fresh apples from the trees. Bigger things means bigger responsibilities. With bigger things, there will also be bigger tests. People with money are usually tests with how they will use the money and if money will blinds them for life.

So the best way, is to choose something moderate. Not rich and not poor. If he is rich, then that's a bonus. But it's not the main thing I'm looking for in a guy. If he's not rich, then it doesn't really matter for me.. As long as he's able to give me shelter, feed me and put clothes on my back, then that's enough :p

Of course everyone wants money and everyone wants a prosperous life, but you have to bear in mind that not everything is perfect. Would you mind if your guy have all the money, but he's gay? So it's better the otherwise. You get the idea, something like that. -..-

Things can change in a blink of an eye. It's not everyday you're going to be all poor and broke. One can always find money easily and it doesn't require too much time to get a dollar. But personality, manners and the way people behaves, their attitude, you can't find them anywhere or achieve them for a week, a month etc. You're almost born with your personality and behavior, so it would probably take a life time in order to change your personality and behavior or at times, nay at all. None.

Another reason why I love Nepali men is because they worked their asses off (almost! Lol) day and night, and at the end of the day, half or maybe more of their pay are being sent to their home back in Nepal. From what I saw, they're not stingy. Well most of them are not. I really dislike cheapskate. You know, asking a girl to buy this, that etc and when it comes to the girl asking the guy to buy things for her, the guy will give reasons. Probably the worst reason there is, "we're not husband and wife yet, so I don't want to spend my money on you". Ouch. Where is chivalry? Nepali workers that works in Malaysia isn't as 'rich' as the local Malaysian itself but still, despite that, they will go all the way just to please you. They want to see you happy. When you're happy, they're happy. Simple as that. Would you imagine being away very far away from home, having jobs in overseas and still think of your families back in your country?

So, after this I'm going to write the things that you need to be cautious of, because this post seems like all +ve. Haha. I wouldn't want people to say that I'm bias now :P