Thursday, June 20, 2013

Eye Make-Up Without Eyeliner

I have always love eyeliner. I think a make-up wouldn't be complete without an eyeliner. But this time around, I wanted to try to do my make-up without the crazy heavy eyeliner that I always used :p
So here it is, tadaaa! 

What you'll need for this eye make-up look is a taupe/light gray eyeshadow and a mascara. I uses about 3 coats of mascara in order to achieve the heavy crazy full eyelashes

You know, I envied Megan Fox a lot for sporting this simple eye make-up look. She always sports this simple eyeshadow and mascara look. With her blue-gray eyes and just simple use of mascara, her eyes looks absolutely gorgeous! I can only dream of that blue-gray eyes with the help of gray colored contact lenses :p

Rest assured, as there is no eyeliner were 'harmed' @ touched during the shot for this eye make-up look haha. The above pictures are taken with flash. And below are the pictures without flash.

I think this eye make-up look is perfect for those who doesn't want heavy make-up on their face. Just a simple swipe of eyeshadow on your upper eyelid and apply mascara on both upper and lower lashes, and you're good to go. But also, make sure that you don't go overload with the eyeshadow. A little goes along the way