Saturday, May 4, 2013

Perfect 365

Have you seen a photo posted by your friend in Facebook and she/he would hashtags (#) Perfect365? Then soon, more and more of your friends start talking about this Perfect365 thingy.

So what is it really?

Due to my curious nature, I went searching what is Perfect365 on the internet. And here's the description as to of what is Perfect365 that had people talking about recently:

It's actually an apps for photo editing made for Iphones and Ipad. Or so at least that's what I read..haha

So I went to download this apps (believe it or not, it's for free!) and it have so many simple tools that you can use. With just a tap on your phone. Unlike Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop have these so many manual do-it-yourself tools that can make you dizzy. But ...... it's not really for freeeee. If you want more tools, you'll have to pay for it.

Perfect365 makes your photo instantly changes according to what you want without the hassle of having to watch a lengthy tutorial on Youtube etc etc. Perfect365 can instantly put make-up on your naked face, changes your eye color and even 'enhance' your nose. Lol.

I decided to try it myself but unfortunately I'm not that good in editing :p haha
It looked really weird and crazy

Tadaaaaa!!! Lol

Before and after surgery. Lol

I honestly think that I need to practice more. I think the after surgery picture looks a bit like Elisabeth Harnois of CSI Vegas.

Ahahaha dream on Anna! :P