Friday, April 12, 2013

What's In Your Bag?

1. My glasses
2. Foundation and primer
3. Contact lens solution
4. Contact lens case
5. Make-up bag
6. Compact powder
7. Purse
8. Lotion and body mist
9. Liquid soap
10. Panadol (painkiller)

Imagine, 10 things to be crammed inside a small bag.. Sigh. I’m still trying to reduce the things that I put in my bag. Maybe I can reduce it from the things that I carried in my make-up bag, since I think I’ve been carrying quite a lot of ‘things’ that I don’t really need inside my make-up bag :p eg, two mascaras at a time (I mean who needs two mascaras at a time?? One sure is enough) and the eyelash curler that I seldom use. The contact lens solution that I been carrying around is also quite big in size. Lol. I should change it to travel size pack (since they’re smaller than the one I’m carrying).

Believe it or not, I used to crammed all my money, handphone, coins and IC (identification card) inside my jeans/trousers pocket. I didn’t even use a purse. Since I think the snatch thieves (those who snatches your purse/handbags on the streets) will not be able to rob my purse/handbag since I don’t carry one. Well the theory works. But the problem arise when I’m wearing maxi skirts/dresses, since they usually don’t have any pockets. Lol. So, I decided to get a small purse, that fits the palm of my hand perfectly and most importantly, it fits my handphone, coins, money, IC altogether :P

Hmm lets see..what else? Oh, since I’m far sighted, I always carries my glasses (along with its case), contact lens and its saline solution along with me wherever I go. It’s a must bring for me. I also keep around a small size of liquid soap in my bag, in case if the public toilet that I went don’t provide any soap. I get an antibacterial liquid soap, since, well, it’s antibacterial :p lol. I used the soap quite a lot because I need to take off my contact lens at the end of the day. Hands needed to be wash before touching the contact lens.
I carried Panadol (painkiller) with me because you’ll never know if you get a sudden fever/ bad headaches. I usually get tummy cramps everytime that time of the month for a woman. I used to carry around a perfume in my bag, but since I bought Victoria’s Secret Body Mist and lotion, I carry those two instead of my perfume :p I left the perfume at home.

Since I have to get up very early in the morning (as early as 4.30am sometimes), I don’t put my make-up/ powder etc on. That’s why I bought my foundation/ primer along with me, because I’ll be putting them on during afternoon/ mid-day. How lazy is that.. I’m quite lazy to put make-up on in the morning. I don’t know why, but I just feel lazy during morning haha. I don’t really care how my face look in the morning. All is good in the morning, as long as I get some shower and get back to zzz..hehe.