Sunday, April 7, 2013

Victoria's Secret Lotion and Body Mist Product Review

Remember this post? :)

It was my previous post about Victoria's Secret body products (lotions, body mists, etc). Well..... XD
today I finally get the chance to stash one! And, it's an absolute bliss. I used the pedestrian bridge/walk way to get to Pavillion from KLCC. I thought it would be a very long walk, but to my surprised, it's not! It's not really that far. By the way, I couldn't find the melon-ish smell that I wanted, because the promoter said that the outlets in Malaysia only carries the latest selected products and the melon smell that I wanted is a little out of date/old (not the latest product) :(

I tried every smell there is in there, because I wanted the one smell similar
of that melon-ish Secret Garden smell lol. I think there's about 7 or 8 of this strip
paper in my hand

But the promoter said that they might have it if I'm in UK, since their outlets in UK carries all products. So I decided to ask the promoter what would she recommend if I wanted something that smell similar to the melon-ish smell. She suggested the one called Pure Seduction. It's smell of red plum with freesia. It's smell similar of that melon-ish Secret Garden smell heehee. So, I bought the Pure Seduction set. It consists of lotion and body mist. Plus, it includes a free small heart shaped mirror

aaskjsdheuddxfldeudexiollkdfgh haha

The Pure Seduction package

I couldn't stop admiring the wrapping box for the package. It's just totally cute+adorable. The box is totally in my favorite color. Black and pink. Then there's the polka dotted thing. You know I have a thing for anything polka dot. Theheee XD

The wrapping box is totally adorable. It even have a cute little pink bow on top of the box

The cute little bow on top of the box

I found this drawing at the back of the wrapping box very cute. Lol
So, enough with the obsession of the wrapping box. Lets get inside of the box. Haha

The lotion
I swear I wanted to lather all of myself in this lotion :P because it smells so good! I'm not really a fan of body lotions because I don't really like putting lotion on, as I found it quite sticky later at the end of the day. But, this lotion is an exception! The smell of this lotion is just too damn good and I wouldn't mind putting it on all over myself xD

The body mist
The body mist is unlike any other. Why? Because it wrote Parfum on the bottle and not the usual Eau de Toilette. I remembered this tip not long ago, where Parfum will lingers/lasts longer than the ones that wrote Toilette. And most importantly, the Parfum smell will not turn into 'something' else, when you're sweating. You know all the activities that you do during the day, all that walking or running around, will eventually make you smelly. But the one smell that will keep on smelling the way it is, will be this body mist. No funny smell will appear if it's infused with your sweat.

The small heart shaped mirror

Once you get to Pavillion, you should try this Japanese crepe from Shimino located at level 6 

It's a real nice treat after that walk in the pedestrian bridge/walk way from KLCC to Pavillion hehe