Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Expense of the Typical Malay Wedding in Malaysia

The topic of the expense of a wedding comes up in mind right at this moment because I was remembering the chit chat that I had with some of my UTM classmates in a coffee shop, while we're having our lunch a few days ago :)

My friend (who is married) told me that a simple kenduri makan-makan (katering) dalam dewan can costs about RM30k. I was like wow! That's really expensive and a lot of money spent. Only for about 3 hours, we've spent about RM30k. 3 hours because usually majlis makan-makan start pukul 2 petang sehingga pukul 5 petang kan?

Then I went and read this one blog about the promotion for the bridal make-up. Click here.

No hard feelings, I mean yeah the make-up artist and those who runs in this business are just trying to run their business, but RM950 or RM800 for just a session of make-up? Really?? That's really expensive, don't you think? RM950 to spend for the make-up which later at the end of the day, had to be wiped off? @__@
I just can't believe how expensive for one to get married. And that doesn't include the baju-baju for the wedding. How on earth one can gather such amount of money in a short time? Considering that they don't come from the Dato's and Datin's family.

Sometimes, this fact makes me scared to be a 'Malay' living in Malaysia. Get what I mean? Have you ever encountered a Malay wedding that only consists of kenduri jamuan minum teh and makan biskut dekat dalam rumah pengantin? Maybe during our great grandmother times, yes. But now? People would probably tell you that you're crazy and some other not so nice perceptions.

When I was young, sure I went to the relatives and neighbours wedding but never in my mind that those events I went costs that a lot. I didn't even think of that. Didn't even think of the $$. Lol. Like I said, RM30k for a wedding lunch/dinner is quite a lot. Imagine what can you buy with RM30k? You can buy a new bedroom set (beds, closets, drawers, chairs), you can buy some cooking utensils for your kitchen, and you can even go almost an endless shopping in H&M, Forever21, Topshop, and Mango. Lol.

You might even save some of that RM30k for you and your partner sexual health after marriage (in case if any STDs comes up. LOLOL) or if you're pregnant. You can use that amount of money for the preparation of your little ones. I don't know, this is just my perception.. It's true a wedding only comes once in a life time, but it's the afterwards of the marriage is what most important. It would take years to gather RM30k, but it only take a few hours/seconds to finish them. And to gather back the RM30k, will take another many years.. It's a tiring process. You know, just because a wedding ceremony isn't that grand, doesn't mean that you can't live happily ever after. Just look at our parents/ other people parents that manages to stick together for more that 20 or 30 years.. Some of them don't have an extravagant wedding, but they manage to live together happily raising their sons and daughters along with their grandchildren