Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Topshop Pencil Sharpener

Guess what that is? 

It's a sharpener! Haha. Here's a closer picture of it

I bought it a few days ago since I couldn't sharpen my big chunky lipstick with the old sharpener that I already have. Below is the lipstick:

Upon closer look
I bought the lipstick a few months ago. You guess it right, it's from Topshop. So I was thinking, what better way to buy its sharpener, other than from Topshop itself! I love the colour of the lipstick. It's in bright orange and it's matte upon application. Lol. I'm still fascinated with Topshop range of make-up kits. They offers lipstick in crazy colors that you can't get in any other stores in Malaysia. Well you can get it in other stores, but they're usually available only in high end brands outlet like Chanel, Anna Sui, Dior and such.. And they're expensive! Topshop's is quite affordable to me though and the fun part is, the lipstick won't turn into funny colors like some lipsticks does. Example, you saw the lipstick in bright hot pink color but once you applied it on your lips, it looks purplish and doesn't look pink at all.. Get what I mean? :)