Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hat Styles (How To Cover Your Broad Face Shape)

Do you have any of these problems?

. Chubby face . Broad jawline . Hairlines declining on top of your head .

Then look no more. The perfect solution to cover these is *drum rolls* by wearing a hat or a beanie!

Besides that, hats can look quite cool. It can dress up your simple tees and jeans in a jiffy. Hats can also be a life saver when you have a bad hair day or when you feel too lazy to style your hair. You can take your cues from Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift.

Demi Lovato on the right. I don't know who's that on the left o.o
but she can be a good example in wearing a beanie

Again. Demi Lovato. Wearing a bowler hat. But this time, with darker hair

Taylor Swift

If you want to hide your broad face shape/ make your face shape looks smaller, make sure that you covers both sides of your face with some hair. Or, get that scissors nearby and have yourself some fringe/bangs on your forehead. Lol. Just look at Adele for example. Or the plus size actress, Rebel. Their fringe/bangs soften their wide/broad/chubby face shape and makes it less noticeable, not to mention, cute.