Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Why Go Blonde?

I'm not sure if people want to know why or whether they don't care at all. Haha. But here are a few reasons why I dyed and bleached my hair into the most shocking color of em' all. Platinum blonde. It's almost white or colorless. But thank God it's not that white, or I'll end up looking like an old woman.

1. Because I wanted to be the blonde hair vampire. Lol. Well it doesn't make sense. But anyway, I like Dakota Fanning so much. She's really cute. She have blonde hair. Then, I like looking at Taylor Swift and Taylor Momsen. Both of them have blonde hair. Then I like looking at Lady Gaga too. Before this, I love red hair. But then I got bored. Haha. I personally think that bright lipstick goes well with blonde hair. Red chignon lips and black sunnies. Dark eye make-up also looks really nice with blonde hair. And if you wear all of the above with acid washed light blue denim shirt, it looks even more stunning.

Taylor Swift
2. Good hair makes the rest of your clothes effortlessly perfect. So I'm thinking, people will obviously focus on your bright colored hair and they will notice less of your outfits, even if you just wore a gunny sack. Or is this just all in my mind? Having good hair will make me shop less for clothes :p that also means, moolah saved!

Dakota Fanning in Twilight
3. Because I have thin hair. Back when I was 14, I have really thick hair but one day, I wished that my hair would be less thick and I got what I wished for T^T
up until now, my hair is still quite thin. So I guess be careful for what you wished for as it might comes true haha. Thinking back for what I've wished, I wished I didn't wish my hair to be thin. So I found some facts that if you dyed your hair blonde, you can actually hide your thin/thinning/balding hair. So far, that fact is true alright. So now you know. I'm busted. I'm actually bald. My secrets are revealed. Haha

4. Because I'm fat? I don't know. Adele is blonde and she doesn't look any fatter to me alright. She looks stunning. Maybe my blonde head will even out my body shape? That's what I learnt anyways. I have a bottom heavy. So I need to focus on the top. The top is my head. So I need to have my head in bright color.

5. Because I dislike having people mistaken my age. I'm actually 19. But I look like 28 something. People think I'm 28 something. That's quite awful. Not. I'm not really 19 but I'd hate it when people mistaken me as 30 and above. Maybe I have to blame that to myself, as I don't really dress accordingly to my age. But I don't like revealing clothes. So, I'd assume that only teenagers are dared enough to dyed their hair in bright colors. And so, people would think that I'm a teenager. Right? Lol