Monday, March 18, 2013

What To Do When Your Hair Is Falling Out?

Don't fret. It will eventually grows back. But I guess you'll just have to wait. A few months maybe?

I've been reading these articles on Lady Gaga, Kelly Osbourne and January Jones, where they had hair fall outs due to excessive/ poorly dyed/ bleached hair. LOL actually, I've been freaking out since I realized that my hair falls quite a lot these few days. And I mean A LOT. And I'm starting to realize that my hair is getting thinner. That really creeps me out because I don't want myself to go bald/ have bald patches. Yikes!

During my first time bleaching, I didn't have any of these hair fall problems. Maybe because I went to a professional hair salon. But recently, I went to a non-professional hair salon (into thinking that their prices are more cheaper) and had my hair roots retouched, by bleaching the roots. Well now I think I just want to slap myself on the face for that. Haha. I feel kind of regret for having my roots retouched now.. Zzz

When I went to that hair salon, there was this old Chinese woman (I think she's the owner) and the salon looked really old fashioned. But ever since I'm not really someone who discriminate, I just went to that salon anyways. Though I had many doubts. I was thinking of whether to do or not to do for so many times. I wasn't really confident of doing my hair in that salon. And my instinct was right but it was too late. Halfway through the bleaching process, I can feel some weird feelings and how I wish I could just walk away and run from that salon at that particular moment. But it'll look really weird/ crazy if I did, since I had these white blanket the hairdresser usually puts around your neck, not to mention the big hairclips and the bleach still on my head. I think the old woman left the bleach on my head for too long, and she puts in too much bleach. I can actually feel the hairs on the back of my head making these 'scrunching' sounds while I was waiting for that bleach on my head.

Ahhhh too late. Haha. Oh gosh >.<

So I've searched on the remedies of how to 'undo' the damaged. At this moment, I'm trying these remedies too to see how it will goes. Best of luck T^T

1. The easiest of em' all, just cut the hair short. So the theory goes, if you cut the damaged hair, the damage will not go further.

2. Deep condition your hair. Don't wash it with shampoo. Keep on conditioning them.

3. Don't brush/ comb your hair while it's wet.

4. Air dry (naturally) dry your hair. Do not blow dry your hair. You'll have to wait a few months before you can do that again T^T

5. No more chemical hair treatment like coloring, bleaching etc after this. You'll have to wait monthsssss before you can start doing that again.

6. Just leave your hair in the condition of it is. No styling, no heat, no teasing your hair. If your hair/ you look that ugly without the styling/ heat/ tease, I'd suggest you to wear hats whenever you go out. Maybe a very big grandma-ish hat will do to cover yourself :p no tie-ing your hair too. No ponytails, no pigtails or any tails for that matter. Tie-ing the hair can make the hair falls more.

7. Go to a professional hair salon & get a scalp treatment or asks them which treatment is suitable for your case.

Haha so, I've sworn, I'm never gonna go do anything to my hair again T^T
Lesson learnt. Haha.

I don't really know what is up with my hair. A few days after I did that roots retouching, my hair looks fine. But these few days, I started exercising rigidly, only then my hair seems to start falling off. Is it because of hormonal change? Stress? I'm hoping that it's because of hormonal change and stress haha.

Did you know, my hair falls off heavily too when I was still in my original hair color. But then, I went to a professional hair salon, had my hair done in red, then blonde there and surprisingly, it didn't fall off that much. So it's just really weird..