Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Dark Side

Bowler hat from Topshop
Darth Vader sweater from Forever 21
Collared-like necklace from Forever 21

Sometimes, when I feel completely blah and lazy to think of something to wear, a simple sweater and jeans would be the answer. You can try that too. I'll just throw on something casual and comfyyy.

I've been wanting to put my hair in braids for quite a while, but since my hair is still quite short, I couldn't really do it :<

So, I guess my hair has finally grow and I can finally put it up in braids! Though it's a little short :p

If you guys realized, I've been putting up quite a lot of things from Forever 21. Sweaters, ring, necklace. Probably because it's my favorite store :p

So there was a story, I was walking and browsing through the store and a little girl, probably age 9 or 10 was also there walking/browsing with her mom. She catched a glance at me and kept on glancing/looking at me before she said something out loud to her mom, "Mom, that looks like Barbie!!". Then her mom says "shhh that's not something nice to say". Ok, so the end. That's the story. Haha. Zzz