Friday, March 29, 2013

My First Sketch/ Drawing for 2013

I haven't sketch/draw anything for quite a long time. So, yesterday, in order to know whether my drawing skills have rust through time, I decided to sketch something. What else if it's not Wes Bentley's portrait for starters XD

I think my sketch isn't very 'accurate'. The jaws that I sketched seems to be longer than the real portrait, the mouth seems slightly different and the list goes on and on.......haha

Surprisingly, I think (just me thinking lolol) that my drawing skills are somehow improving? I tell ya, back then when I was still active in the drawing/sketching stuffs, I couldn't even draw a real human. I couldn't draw a portrait of a real human. Why? Because my drawing of a real human are bad. Too bad for any eyes too see. Especially my eyes. Maybe back then I don't like taking risks/ being brave. I deemed animes (Japanese cartoon drawing style) as the most beautiful drawings of anything. I even draw the nose by just using 'fullstops'. Fullstops is like this you know . err get it?? haha. Fullstop is the nose and sometimes, I will just use a very short horizontal line like this - (that's horizontal right? or is it vertical?) just to draw the nose. Omg. Anyway, I've always thought it's troublesome to draw a complete perfect nose -.-