Monday, March 18, 2013

A Trip To Reflexology

I'm sorry but sadly, there are no pictures. My posts recently lacking of pictures hehe. Sebab nampak macam syok sendiri la kan kalau contohnya, untuk post rambut gugur (the previous post) kena post gambar clumps of my hairs yang dah jatuh berguguran. Nampak macam gilos pun ade. Hahah

So today I went to reflexology place. It's nearby the place where I studies. Or to be more exact, in Ampang Park, KL. I decided to go reflexology since my feet and calves been aching. Maybe it's due to the sores that I get from exercising and from that stair climbing to the 9th floor to get to my class every weekend. Lol. T^T

The woman reflexologer (I wonder if that word even exist) describe/ explain to me a few stuffs while she's massaging my feet. She describes to me how's my heart condition, my lungs, etc. Her explanations made me worried about myself eversince. It made me worried of how I'm taking care of myself and my health condition. It's quite an eye opener/ wake up call for me to take care of myself more hehe. It somehow motivates me more into sticking to the plan of living healthily. That means, more exercising and less junk/ fast food and less sweetened drinks. I've been lagging myself in the comfort of not doing any particular exercise and eating whatever I want without any restrictions for about a year. Haha. So, 'honeymoon' time is over and it's time for me to start what I've left, again. And that is exercising properly and eating healthily :)