Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Day In A Life Of A Part-time Student

Many people usually asks me why do I have classes on weekends. I guess it's because part-time studies in UTM (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) only do classes on weekends. UTM and UiTM are two different universities. Many people got them wrong/confused. UiTM also offers part-time studies but they have classes at night. Unlike UTM, the classes are only on weekends and during the day.

Since I rarely post anything regarding my studies, so I decided to post about it today. Lol. Not really on how I'm studying but more to what I usually do/my activities in a day when I have classes :P
So here, I give you guys 10th March 2013. Why 10th March? Because it's filled with interesting activities so far and because I took pictures on this day. Lol. My other weekends are pretty much boring and I didn't take any pictures. Haha

10th March 2013 (Sunday)

8.30 a.m   

On Sunday, my class starts at this time. I need to arrive earlier than this or else I'll stuck at the Ground Floor waiting for an empty lift in order to get to the 8th floor. Lifts usually jammed and full with students at the last minute 

10.30 a.m 

Recess. Lone ranger. Haha.

So I guess it's breakfast + lunch = brunch for me. This is what I have for brunch. Koay teow Hainan with honeydew juice at Cozy Restaurant in Ampang Park. The plain water is a complementary from the restaurant. My dad used to told me that Cozy Restaurant had been running their business for decades in Ampang Park. They're famous for its Western dishes (Western dishes only starts in evening). My dad also say that the restaurant had been there since I was young. So I guess the restaurant must've been there for 20 years or so. And I tell ya, all of their dishes are so yummehhhh. Haha. Basically the restaurant splits into two parts. One for the Western cuisine and another one if for the Eastern Cuisine (just like the one in the picture). It's pure Chinese-style cooking and halal of course. The honeydew juice is also really fresh. 

1.40 p.m                      

Classes finish. Haha. Well it depends. Sometimes classes can finish up until 3 p.m  

1.40 p.m and onwards 

Waiting for my dad to pick me up. Sometimes when it's too long to wait, I'll go to Ampang Park LRT station and took a train there to KLCC. It costs RM1 only.

My favourite places to be when I'm in KLCC is Topshop, Mango and Marks & Spencer. I don't really buy anything. I'll just go see what's new and what's up. Hehe. Camwhoring. Haha. 

So I guess that's pretty much about it. Haha. So what's been happening on the day before? I just went to do my hair and bought this one lovely chunky ring from Forever 21. I was totally in love with it. Actually, I've strained myself not to buy anything anymore, but I fell off from that wagon and decided to buy this one ring =.=" but it's worth it I guess. Because the ring basically fits all of my 5 fingers haha.

Endnotes: I bleached my hair again. Just the roots. Or what they called it roots touched up. Since my hair is growing really fast, the roots are starting to show and it's not a lovely scene having 2 different colors of hair. I was torn of whether to just let the hair be, dye it in another different color so that I don't have to keep on retouching the roots or to bleach them again. So I went on to bleach em' again because it'd be such a waste haha. It's a waste of money thinking all that bleached hair I did before would end up with another different color.