Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Funny Toilet Sign

I love the LRT and the bus. Or basically, the public transport. For some reason, I think I can get to the destination faster by using the public transport, without the hassle of traffic jams and without having to encounter another rude driver and such things haha. Let the bus driver encounters em' all for you :P

Recently I went to LRT Setiawangsa and I had to use the toilet. This is what I found on the toilet haha. It's a pretty funny sign. But the sign also sends a message and that message would be, use the toilet properly. Hmmm now lets get to the interesting part. Now I know this may not applied to everyone, but as Muslim, this info might shock you. How many of you actually knows a guy that uses the seated toilet, sitting? Have you ever know anyone of male counterparts that uses the seated toilet, sitting? I'm sorry if this post might sound like a perverted one haha but this info might shocked you. I only knew very few people (male) that uses the seated toilet 'properly'. Properly means, sitting. Not standing.

I think I'm really dumb for not knowing this info, that guys and girls should use the seated toilet, sitting and not standing. I know girls always sits but guys? All along I thought it was normal for guys to use the seated toilet like the second picture above (standing). But I guess it's wrong. Kan pernah dipesan sesiapa yang buang air berdiri itu adalah kawan syaitan.. So I guess that applied to all types of toilet, be it seated or unseated. Maybe my perception have been bent because all along, we are shown in the television and in the movies that guys should do their thing, standing. LOL.

Anyways, this isn't really an immoral post. The objective of this post is to give a little piece of advise to anyone out there, if you have a son, a brother etc, do remind them that they should use the seated toilet, sitting, and not standing.

Besides, standing will lead to unhygienic thangggg to happen. Your urine might spatter all around the toilet seat and might also spatter around the floor. You can only imagine how others seat on that later. And how many people actually runs the water all around the toilet seat/ the floor when that happens? I can guarantee you, quite rare. If it isn't rare, all the seated toilets in Malaysia would've been squeaky clean, no? :)