Monday, February 4, 2013

L'oreal Lucent Magique

It's that time where I needed to shop again for skincare-cosmetics goods, since the previous ones ran out. And so these are the 2 things that I'm currently using. It's basically a new range of product in town for Loreal. Bought them at Watsons :) it's my favourite pharmacy because I had the member card, so there's discount & reward points haha. But Guardian is also one of my favourite pharmacy too.

Previously, I just used concealer and powder. But since my concealer ran out, I had to buy a new one. Once I've arrived in Watsons, I decided to try a few things at their cosmetic counters. I tried a few concealers & including these 2 (primers & foundation). There's not much variety for concealers :/ so I think maybe it's time to change things a little bit. Years back, I did use foundation, but it looks too cakey@fake, as if I'm wearing a funny mask. So I ditched the foundation eversince. But after I tried the L'oreal Lucent Magique primer and foundation, it looks real nice and it changed my perception on foundations :) 

Since I'm still a student & there's only a limited budget, I decided to stash these 2 things. I'm sure there are other good products out there too, but I don't have the time to rummage around trying every single thing that's been offered out there. Besides, as I've mentioned, I'm on a limited budget :p outside products are just too expensive for me and I don't think I could afford them at the moment. Watsons & Guardian have always been a fave pharmacy since they offered products that doesn't give me acnes/breakouts whenever I use them. Haha. Or to be precise, L'oreal and Revlon are two products that I think fits/suitable to my skin. Maybelline, err they're not that suitable because they clogged my pores and gave me breakouts. 

Anyway, here's the review:

The packaging for the light primer

The light primer. It comes in 1 color only. 1 color fits all :)

The packaging for the liquid foundation

The liquid foundation in N2: Fine Porcelain

1. L'oreal Lucent Magique Pure Light Primer
It's a tube of white pearly stuff to prime your skin for concealer/ foundation/ powder. Prime means that they somehow prep your skin for the things that you'll be putting after that (eg: concealer/ foundation/ powder). It moisturizes your skin (but not in an oily way) and it gives your skin a smooth velvet-y textured after you applied them on. L'oreal Lucent Magique primer is a little different from other primers because it brightens up your complexion once you've applied it. And it did!

Here's the description from the packaging - L'oreal Paris invents lucent magique, the 1st pure light primer that sculpts the curves of your face for a radiant 3-Dimensional look. Silver transparent liquid melts on skin for a light soft skin finish. Concentrated liquid-light technology enlightens complexion with a unique glow, as if lit-from-within. Use alone or under foundation to enhance radiance, or dab onto cheeks, brow bones & tip of chin as a sculpting 3D highlighter.

2. L'oreal Lucent Magique Liquid Foundation
The tube is made of glass & that's the only thing that I found incovenient.. I can be quite clumsy at times and I'm afraid if it accidentally fell to the floor or something and crashes :p
I picked N2 (Fine Porcelain) for the color, as it is the lightest color of them all (I think). This foundation doesn't make my skin looks cakey

Here's the description from the packaging - Radiance is the unique light that glows from the most beautiful skins. L'oreal Paris invents lucent magique, the 1st light creating foundation that illuminates every inch of your skin for a lively complexion. Light refined texture, oil free, for a fresh moisturising skin finish. 24 hydration.

What I love about L'oreal Lucent Magique is that it stays on my face even though I'm sweating or under the hot sun. It's still there, but at the same time, you don't have this 'thick' or 'heavy' kind of feeling on your face. Some products feel 'heavy'/ 'thick' upon application and left you feeling like you're wearing an invisible mask. But it's understood that those 'heavy' or 'thick' feeling is because the products itself wanted to provide you a better coverage. L'oreal Lucent Magique range does everything well for me, well for now hehe :p

In the past, I've always go for the products that have this 'heavy'/ 'thick' kind of feeling on my face because I think it provides me with a better coverage. I've tried 'light' feeling products but it doesn't provide good coverage and wears off quickly. 'Light' feeling means that you don't feel like you're wearing anything on your face and when you rub or accidentally wiped your face with your fingers/hand, there's no 'residue'. Residue means that those light brown/ brown stuff (the melted foundation/ powder you're wearing infused with the oil of your face). HAHA. Too many explanations.

I have yet to try their range of powder (compact powder) though, as I still have my compact powder. Maybe once my compact powder finishes, I might buy their compact powder. In case if you're curious about what I currently uses for my compact powder, I'm using Chanel LeBlanc. L'oreal combined with Chanel makes a good combo alright. That's it for now :)