Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Shoes Collection

A girl can never have too many shoes. I did told you guys that I wanted to do a post about my shoe collection, right? :) so tadaaaaaa
The picture above is the overall picture of the shoes that I currently have in my collection (and still wearing). But I think there are 2 more shoes that I didn’t include in the above picture. So instead, I’ll post about those 2 separately below. And, don’t worry, I’ll also describe each & every shoes in the picture above, here down below too :P hehe
But before we start, I think I should tell you that most of the shoes that I have/had are in black. I wished I could change that haha. I did try to change the color choice. And so far, I’ve only managed to bought only 1 pair of em’ in nude/cream T.T
If you know me in real life, you will surely know my fascination of the color black. I love the color black too much. Perhaps it’s some kind of a mindset that the color black can get along with almost every other color. Ok, so for 2013, I think I need to add more vibrant colors in my wardrobe/shoes. Wish me luck. Haha
For starters, lets start with the favourite shoes of them all. Well, my favourite that is :)

Topshop Velcro Studs Loafers (or so at least that’s what I found out it was called)
I don’t even know how to start. I just love these pair too too much. Toooooooooo much. I saw these and I fell immediately in love with em’. But! I didn’t bought them immediately though.. I waited for what it seems like weeks, before I finally decided that I just really need to buy this pair. I even had dreams of em’ when I slept at night lol. See how crazy that is. The reason I love em’, firstly, because of the studs. Secondly, because I never had loafers all my entire life & supposedly, loafers are the ‘in’ thing at the moment. Teeheee.  I’m never really a fan on ‘kasut bertutup’/ ballerinas/ flats. Ok, so I was in love with ‘ballerinas’ after seeing My Chemical Romance music video, Helena :P haha. But anywayssss, I’m never really in love with ‘kasut bertutup’/ shoes that covers all my toes-feet because, once upon a time, when I was a teen, I tried em’ flats and it made my feet looks so chubby/fat. Haha.
To be honest, when I bought this pair from Topshop, I wasn’t that confident that this pair will last long. I was pretty sure that all those studs will fell off and the soles will probably torn/fell off too. But, after twice or thrice being soaked with water during flood and after I washed them with Antabax liquid soap because I stepped on something that made em’ smells like garbage fluid, this pair proves me that it is long lasting. The studs never fell off. Ever. But a few of the studs does ‘kemek’/ bent due to the crashing of it towards hard surfaces etc, but it never fell off. What’s more surprising, this pair is Made in China. Haha. I guess Topshop really cares about the quality of their stuffs though they have a factory in China.. Which is good :) 

 By the way, you know how uncomfortable most flats can be. You can get blisters from wearing them all the time, but Topshop Velcro Studs Loafers proves them wrong. They’re very comfortable and soft ……

Nichii Wedges
I think the height of this wedges is around 3 and a half inches or maybe 4 inches? But they don’t hurt your feet because they don’t ‘bends’ your feet too much. Or in other terms, though they’re high (almost 4 inches), they’re actually flatter/smoother? The reason I love this pair is because they’re gladiator-like, minus the strappy straps :)

Nichii Mary Jane Ankle Boots
Why I love this? Because I love anything Mary Janes and studs :) It’s also because they look like platform heels, minus the skyrocketing height. I think this pair is probably also 3 inch and a half. But sadly, the soles have fallen apart T.T I still haven’t send em’ to repair. I’m thinking of just throwing this away, but I think it would be such a waste since the soles can still be fix? *picture lost in Space. The writer feel too lazy to find em' haha*

Strappy Wedges from Bata
Well, not actually from Bata, but it’s that sub company of Bata (I forgot the name of the shop). I bought this because I love the straps around the ankle. But sadly, this pair can be quite slippery when worn with wet feet.

Miss Whatever Creepers
The reason? Because I love creepers and I never had em’ in my entire life. Lol. Miss Whatever is actually a shop that sells off kids apparel and they’re not for adults actually. But thank God, they have my size. And actually, this is the biggest size there is. Haha. I never know how it feels like to wear creepers. And actually, creepers isn’t that comfortable though (now I know why some brand of shoes advertise their flexibility to the whole world). I feel like as if I’m wearing bricks/stones as shoes, because there’s no flexibility when you’re walking (now I also know why goths walked funny). It took me some time (and a few laughs from my parents  that I walked like a robot) to actually getting used walking without flexibility. You might also need to wear socks before you wear these to prevent blisters :p *the picture for this creepers is aboveee in the first picture, where there's this white almost polka-dotted shoe*

Roxy Studded Flip Flops
A friend actually bought this for me. I love em’ because the studs & prolly because the Roxy studded logo. The studs makes this slipper so girly and yet so rock-edge. What’s more interesting is that this ‘selipar Jepun’ doesn’t make it looks like ‘selipar Jepun’. Haha

Limited Edition Converse in Calf Skin
My dad actually bought this pair for me back in 2007 when I was in Form 6. It is actually for school back then. I’m glad that it lasted even until today :)

Black Converse Shoes 
It’s also for school, but since the soles almost fell off, I made it as my exercising shoes. I clean off the soles and made it as in-house exercising shoes. I wore this shoes when I do my jumping jacks and rope skipping in my room. Lol

Nichii Gladiator Sandals
Again, it’s because of the studs. I thought the studs looks rockers-like. Haha

The conclusion of this post wil be, I just found out that, besides my fascination of the color black, I’m also fascinated by studs. I could’ve sworn I could wear black, studs and skulls graphic stuffs for 365 days in a year. Hohaha.

PS: I forgot to mention that actually, I have a pair of croc-like sandals in pink. I wore them for gardening and the pasar malam whenever I’m back at home in Pahang. Huehuehue. They’re comfy and I wouldn’t mind so much if I accidentally hit my toes from anything/ if my toes being stepped on by anyone, since the sandals covers my toes :p