Thursday, February 7, 2013

Best Labels for Fashion (Jeans Excluded)

Being a student with only a limited budget and rummaging around everywhere everyday, I chose clothing that's meant to last long (that lasts long lol), comfortable and at the same time, still in tune with the never ending fashionable world. For you who didn't know, aside from the labels that I'm posting below, if you live in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Berjaya Times Square and the Bukit Bintang area (BB Plaza/ Sungei Wang Plaza) are the best place to shop for very affordable clothes. The price range can be as low as RM10. But with great prices comes great risks :p sadly though, not all of them are built to last.. T.T Not built to last means that they can tore off easily and some of the materials (fabrics) they used are of low quality.. But if you're wise and patient enough, you will get some items that can lasts a few years :)

Here are the Top 6 labels that I'd choose when it comes to clothing and accesories (jeans/pants excluded): 

I love Topshop because they're always ahead of any other stores when it comes to fashion. You can't find any other stores that sells those t-shirt you've seen on Alexa Chung a few hours ago on any other stores the next day (just an example). It's an example of how 'fast' is Topshop haha. Ok, so they're not really that 'affordable' once you converted the price to RM. But just one piece of item from Topshop is enough to satisfy one's heart and soul :) their accesories and shoes also built to last. I bought a pair of studded loafers from Topshop once and the loafers were soaked in banjir a few times and amazingly, the studs doesn't come off even one bit and the same goes for the soles haha. And they're really comfy. That's just amazing 

The second place after Topshop would be *drum rolls* Forever 21. I love how Forever 21 set their merchandises accordingly into a few theme. For example, the sweet & everything pastels are put to one side and the black/dark almost rockers stuffs are put to one side, away from the pastels. This would be easy for the customers to search for things needed without being dizzy looking at everything in one go. The best part for Forever 21 is their accesories. Affordable but yet good in quality.  
Everyone can actually go crazy during the 50% and 70% sales Mango offers every year. The items that was originally sold at RM189 are simply RM99 or less during the crazy sales. Aside from that, the clothes they made are of good high quality fabrics.

 Cotton On pretty much offers just the basics stuffs, like tank tops, shirts, chinos and much more. I guess the name of the brand have something to do with the goods they made, which is Cotton? Haha :p I think most of their stuffs are made of cotton, which is good and extra comfy.

 Ahh..the first label that caught my eye :) I like how Nichii was back then in 2011. Back then, most of their shoes are also comfy to wear. But Nichii clothing are also built to last even until now :)

I love the quirky pieces Kitschen have to offer. They're slightly different than any other stores :)

Some other labels that you might want to consider is H&M and Miss Selfridge :P
I love H&M but I rarely go the store, maybe because of transportation. H&M is located in Lot10, around the Bukit Bintang area. I used to go to Bukit Bintang area so much, using monorail. But monorail seems to packed with people these days. At times, you'll have to wait for the second or third monorail until you can ride on. Other H&M store is in Paradigm Mall located in Petaling Jaya. But I've never been there.

Miss Selfridge is a little expensive, but I love going into their shop to clean my eyes a.k.a cuci mata haha. I feel like stepping into a princess wardrobe when I'm in the store =.= Miss Selfridge stuffs really good at cleaning my eyeballs into becoming crystal clear (because of the tears that I cried due to insufficient funds in order to buy their stuffs). HAHA kidding!