Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Thoughts of the Traditional Engagement Event

I love reading THIS blog (Please click on the word THIS. Lol). I think it's the sweetest thing ever, but not in a yucky gooey way or something. Aha :)

The blog owner is experiencing 10 years of distant relationship with her boyfriend (now fiance). Her fiance lives in the USA while she lives in Malaysia. She's a Malay and her boyfriend is Cacausian. Lucky huh? :) I feel happy reading such stories. I tell ya, 10 years of distant relationship and only a few times of meeting is just simply, awesome. Ok, it's super awesome. 10 years ain't a short period of time you know.

By the way, I've linked you to her post of what my thoughts on the traditional engagement event. I have to agree with her opinion on the 'Majlis Pertunangan'. I'm a Malay, myself. Along the way, I've seen countless engagement events that are almost like a wedding event. I have nothing against those who did their engagement event this way though, but I just wanted to tell you people out there, those who are planning to get engaged, it's actually ok if you don't do your engagement event (Majlis Pertunangan) the traditional way. Engagement is actually about the meetings of two families having to sit together and discuss.

But there are some people who feel proud having to show pictures over the internet about the 'majlis pertunangan' yang besar besaran. Mana yang ade stage/pelamin yang lawa-lawa tu duk upload kat internet, then orang orang yang tengok akan kata "wow..mesti mahal ni stage/pelamin dia", "Cantiknya", "Kayanye dia, mesti dia/tunang dia ni anak orang berada, kalau tak, mana mampu ade pelamin or dress tunang camtu". Then ada yang upah photographer yang siap dengan kamera DSLR di tangan. Yela, DSLR kan boleh tangkap high quality pictures gitu. Kadang-kadang ade jugak yang cakap, eh mana ade majlis pertunangan i ni besar besaran. I rase biasa je la, macam orang-orang lain jugak. Biase biase je...

Mungkin dalam masyarakat sekarang ni, majlis pertunangan macam tu biasa biasa je la kot. Tapi, apa pun, bagi yang kurang berkemampuan, tak salah atau tak berdosa rasanye kalau tak buat majlis yang kita selalu di sogok sogokkan sekarang. Atau kalau kita berkemampuan sekali pun, tak salah pun kalau kita nak buat majlis yang sangat simple. Maybe sebab kita takut orang sekeliling mengata, kita pun terpaksa jugak buat majlis accordingly seperti majlis-majlis di luar sana..