Saturday, January 19, 2013

Metal Collared Necklace

Peter Pan collared metal necklace from Forever21 :)
I've been eye-ing this type of necklace for quite a while now. There are a few times I saw ones that really caught my eyes, but I'll just say this inside my mind,  " patient Anna, we'll get it another day & another one that really really caught your eyes. There must be one that's more intriguing than this". So, I just walked off and didn't get one. And then, when I thought of it & finally decided to get one, I forgot where did I saw them. Lol.

Well there are various types of collared necklace though. There are metals, fully beads or fabric with beads.I bought the above necklace from Forever21 and it's made of metal with some 'pearls' around it. I wrote 'pearls' because they're not pearls, but beads that made to look like pearls hehe. And have I mentioned that Forever21 is my second favourite place to shop/window shop, after Topshop? :p I only fell in love with Forever21 lately, while waiting for Vinod finishing off his work. Since his workplace is in a mall, I took my time walking around from floor to floor. Aha. It's a great option of exercising :p

I'm not really a fan of accesories though. I rarely wears any necklace, rings or bracelet and any kind of that thingy. The only thing that I wears are my earrings and a watch. But I do buys accesories (rings, bracelets etc) and I will wear them once or twice, then I got bored and didn't wear them anymore xD
Such a waste.. But then, I had to buy this Peter Pan collared metal necklace because I honestly think that it can make your plain clothes look more outstanding. I guess it's also a nice way to recycle your clothes.. So you don't have the urge to buy new clothes xD

So, I guess next time, you can choose to buy these kind of necklace in case you got bored of your outfit (clothes). So get those old sweater of yours that you put at the back of your closet/drawer a long time ago :)

By the way, here's the full picture of the necklace again: