Monday, January 7, 2013

How To Lessen Food Poisoning Symptoms

Early 2013 is slightly bad because I had food poisoning and fever haha. I think the fever came after the food poisoning. You know the poisoning is bad when a fever came along. Or so at least that's what I've read. At this point, consult your doctor immediately & he/she will give you few medicines that will help you cure the poisoning. Along side your medicines, here are some tips that I found very useful when overcoming food poisoning:

1. Drink isotonic drinks that have no caffeine and gas thingy. 100 Plus might be good if you have fever, but since you have food poisoning, I'd recommend you to not consume 100 Plus. But take Gatorade instead. I like Gatorade that have the Grapefruit flavour, but I highly recommend you to get OTHER flavour than this if you're on ANY medication. Grapefruit can actually kills you if you're on any medication as it will make your medicines to work 300% more than it should be. Or in other simple words, overdose. I got the grape flavour (the purple color Gatorade) and hey, it tastes nice :)

Grapefruit is limau gedang in Bahasa Malaysia.

2. Eat bread. As bread are known to absorb 'things'. Errr 'things' like bacteria maybe? I'm not sure about the theory but eating bread while you're on food poisoning do helps anyways. But don't consume too much, as consuming too much of anything solid will make you feel like vommitting later on.

3. Don't eat solid food for a few days. Just drink lots of water and try the liquid diet (e.g soups). It helps to lessen the feeling of vommitting.