Saturday, January 26, 2013

Contact Lenses Review 2013

Since I like contact lenses so much and have been using them for the past 7 years, I think why not make use of the experiences I had with contact lenses :) Below are a few contact lenses that I bought only recently. For the past 7 years, I had used various contact lenses, be it colored or non-colored. Back in school days, I just used the clear, non-colored contact lenses, since the school law doesn't allowed students to wear colored contact lenses back then. I first started using contact lenses when I attended an event in school, back when I did my A'Level (STPM). I think it's Majlis Maulidur Rasul :) eversince then, I started to use them frequently and tried the colored ones (lepas balik sekolah la kan. Time jalan-jalan etc). Actually, once, I got called by the discipline teacher for wearing 'colored' contacts during school time xD

Well..urmm anyways, lets move on..

There are varieties of colored contacts. But not all of them are suitable for everyone. Here, I named a few that aren't really suitable with me:
- Korean contact lenses that makes eyes look bigger. The ones that are too big in diameter. Honestly, it makes my eyes look funny. Some people might look good in them, but not me.
- Black colored/dark colored/brown colored contacts. I think it does nothing for my eyes.
- Contact lenses that's sold outside of the kedai cermin mata (optometrist). I tried it once. I bought the contact lenses at a clothing shop. The contacts was uncomfortable to wear.. Unlike the conventional contact lenses bought from the optometrist, the ones that bought anywhere outside, is hard and it feels like there's something inside your eyes when you wears them. Conventional contacts bought from optometrist are made of soft material and they're comfortable to wear.

The recent contact lenses:

Brand: ColorVue
Color: Sky blue/ bright blue
Price: RM160 per pair

I think this is quite expensive... :( but I guess the color really stands out. It's a bit expensive maybe because the difference in color that they offered. Quite crazy colors. But I like it a lot as I like contacts that have intensive colors. Sorry tepek muka gedik :p itu contoh apabila lens tu dipakai.. Itu je contoh yang ada :(

Brand: Freshlook
Color: Gray
Price: RM45 per pair (depends on which shop you get them)

Gambar lens kat atas nampak macam warna purple, but it's actually gray.. Maybe masalah teknikal camera :p I quite like this one. I always bought this again & again.

Brand: Maxim
Color: Violet
Price: RM65

The color is a bit dark. Looks really natural, but it does something for your eyes :)
'Does' something means they enhances your eyes and also your overall look. Yay. But for Maxim, I prefer the turqoise more (I think it's turquoise. Or was it blue..hmm haha). Kali ni tepek contoh gambar mata sahaja sebab overall gambar yang ni tersangat gedik dari atas. Gedik sangat sampai rasa nak tampar manja je muka sendiri. So, lebih baik cut the picture and show the eyes only :)

Brand: Freshkon
Color: Green
Price: I've forgotten, but I think it's around RM65 something too. Or was it RM35 something

I don't like this one though.. The color does nothing for my eyes.. It doesn't look green once I wore them. It looks quite dull actually. But in the past, I wore Freshkon quite a lot :) I thought it's the coolest colored contacts alright. But eversince there are lots of new brands, Freshkon seems to sink a little

Some other colors that I've tried are turquoise and hazel. But in some weird way, I've seen to come back to gray in the end. It's always gray. Gray gray grayyyyyy. I don't know why. Maybe because the color gray is more intense than any othe color. 

By the way, always change your contact lenses every 3 months. Or if possible, every 1 month. Lenses can hardened as time pass and it sure is going to be uncomfortable to your eyes, when that happened.