Monday, January 7, 2013

Anything Colorful

Basically these are the random photos that I took in the early of 2013 :)
I love bright candy colors and not forgetting, my favourite colors of all time, black :P

The thing to keep your lips moisturized :)

My favourite green tea. Because they're less sweet & tastes nice :)

The things that I do when I'm bored. Well, not always. Maybe once in a blue moon

Last but not least, my Ben Burnley of Breaking Benjamin :p

I may not be in the perfect shoes to talk or emphasize anything about religious stuff. For example, maybe people would say, "Oh look at her, sekejap pakai tudung, sekejap tak pakai tapi ada hati nak berbicara tentang agama", or "Berpeluk sakan, mesra-mesra berpegangan tangan dengan lelaki bukan muhrim, tapi nak cakap tentang agama pulak". But hey, isn't it written that Islam is suitable for everyone? So that means, anyone can take good points out of the teachings aite? :)
So here's me, taking some cues that I think it's true. Most of the time, people think that Redha means having to completely forgotten about anything that have happened. Well, that is so untrue. For me, Redha do means of letting go and 'forget' for whatever that have happened, but for things to be completely forgotten
or for it to completely erased from our minds, is almost impossible. Not forgetting completely means that you're just remembering the past as to of not let the same thing to happen again. It's reacts as your warning sign to be careful in the next time :)