Tuesday, December 25, 2012


If you have a Twitter, use it :)
There are lots of quotes there. You should try it. It's not only limited on love (lovey-dovey) quotes and how much you miss your boyfriend.

I don't understand some people who goes to my blog/Facebook/Twitter and when they find out something that they thought it's relating to them, they blasted it out on their so-private-Facebook. What is your intention? You have your own life and I have mine. It's very obvious missy. Why don't you go and find someone else that you can bother? :)

By the way, my previous blogpost about giving ex to the less fortunate is just very cynical. You sure have a bad sense of humour for not understanding them ;)

PS: Try and learn to appreciate others. In this case, at least I tried to appreciate those who are less fortunate ;) can you get the sarcasm?