Monday, December 17, 2012

Never Judge Anyone Before You Get To Know Them

As geeky as it may sounds, but that's the old saying that goes on and on even until the world meet its ends.. :) and it will always be. I honestly dislike it when people judges me (thinking that I am like this and this) just based on my appearance (the way I look, how I wear my clothes, my hair etc). I'm used to it actually but even though I'm used to it, doesn't mean I'd be all ok and glad about it.. What's even more surprising is that the judge(s) are males.. READ: Guys.

It may sounds a little awkward, but guys aren't really the types that will judge you. Usually. But, when they do, it's simply a put off. I have to warn you that just because someone have blonde hair, doesn't mean that they're stupid or a bimbo (even though they're too many blonde jokes out there) -.-

And for the record, I DON'T wear HEAVY make-up, ok? Hahaha. It may look heavy in pictures, but it ain't like that in real life.. Meet me first and only then you will know. Maybe you're very used to seeing a pretty picture = heavy/overload make-up. And for some reason, you've forgotten that there are some people out there that are just simply blessed with errr photogenic sense? naturally good looking? In my sense, I don't think my make-up is heavy. I just like lots of black eyeliner. I don't even wear foundation (powder excluded) :p But I guess different people have different perceptions.. Maybe for some people, eyeliner is already equals to 'heavy make-up'.

But overall, I love make-up. I love the art of putting it :) I don't love it as in I love it just because I want to look good. But it's the art of putting them on. Not only to my face, but to other people's face as well. So many techniques and so many choices. It's just amazing. It's the same passion that I have for drawing and writing. There's this satisfaction about make-up tools that I couldn't even know how to describe. They're like magic wands for magicians. The rabbit in the hat. Haha.

Then, another thing is, it's about my life. My social life and such. I may look like the person that goes out every night to party and comes home late. But NOT. It's very far from that. I'm always with my parents for 98% of my time.. The other 2%? It goes out to my friends :) hanging out with best buddies or being alone by myself ahaha. I love going out, going places and such, but I do it with my parents, as my parents also loves going out too much. And I say, too much. Too too much. I honestly never step into any night club ever in my life.. The only time that I stepped into a 'night club' is when I was having lunch with my parents at Hard Rock in the middle of the day. Hahaha.

So I guess that's pretty much it.. I had to explain myself because I dislike it when people jump into conclusion that I'm somekind of a bimbo or something..haha.

Anyways, ok, maybe another thing, when it comes to guys/love, I'm a very faithful person to my partner.. I'm not good in having my attention divide for a few guys at a time. When I like/love someone, I just like/love that person and will just focus only on that person. I tried having my attention divided, as some people say, it's better to have 'choices' so it'd be better to pick the best later in case if one didn't work, BUT I just couldn't do it. I just can't, man. It's just insane for me :/

So, that's pretty much about it. I hope you'll not be judging me anymore after this. And oh, I don't know if I should say this, but I still have a part of me that I still keep eversince I was born.. I strongly holds and believes in it. I do respect others that may have different opinion than me, I'm cool with it, but for me, myself, I just want to keep that part of me as long as I could.. :) so, don't be too harsh on me by thinking that I'm just another woman like any other woman or thinking that I'm a bimbo. Haha

Peace yaw

PS: For good pictures to be born, you don't have to wear loads of make-up. It's all about the lighting and the background. L.e.a.r.n Photography :)