Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fascination With Zippers

I have always love skinny jeans adorned with the zippers on the end both sides of the ankles. I saw this type of jeans back in 2009 where one of my classmate in UTM Skudai, wore them :) they look absolutely stunning on her. She's not too thin and somewhat she's curvaceous. The jeans she's wearing really compliment her. Ever since that time, my love for this type of skinny jeans have grown, even until today. A few brands that I knew have this type of skinnies are, Levi's, Mango, Cotton On, and probably Topshop? But they're somewhat expensive (and doesn't stock up my size)  -.-

So, to make this story short, I finally found this skinny jeans in Forever 21. They're a lot cheaper than the above brands that I've mentioned. Well, not really cheap, but at least it's not too expensive. Haha. I don't even know what I'm trying to say here o.O

Anyways, I don't know if the fabric is long lasting though (because I still haven't wash it) xD I didn't wash it because it's still clean. Few years back, I bought two pair of skinnies in Dorothy Perkins and they tore off after a few washes. Ever since that, I haven't bought anything from that store. But the Kim Kardashian range for Dorothy Perkins are just simply mind boggling. It's luring anyone to spend their ka-ching there.