Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Don't You?

Don't you feel weird when you posts something in your blog and people 'commenting'/taking it out in their Facebook immediately after that? It's an obvious sign that they're actually reading your blog. It's not that I have a problem people reading my blog, or for that matter, anything that I publicly posts in Facebook or Twitter. But it becomes a problem when you take it out on your supposedly private Facebook, making what I posts looks like somekind of nuisance for you, that you, needs to lashed it out on your supposedly private Facebook. Yes, it's your life, whatever you wanted to say, your friends, but please note that some of your friends are also my friends. It's whether you know it, or not. Whether you realized it, or not.
Your Facebook stats doesn't have my name in it, but anything that I posted also doesn't have your stamp of names on either :)

So why feeling emotional suddenly? Well you started it first.. Why terasa with the 'give your ex to less fortunate' quote? Is it because you are that less fortunate? Is it because my ex is your current boyfriend? So basically anything that I posts that have the word 'ex' will make that post specially dedicate to you? Is that it?

It was never your 'fight' or your business to involved with in the first place. Let alone your clique of 'friends'. But you decided to involve. If you are the person that you deemed as so 'mature', if you have finally feel that what you're doing is wrong, then don't be a coward, apologizing/saying sorry behind what supposedly to be your private Facebook :)

I don't know what people told you and I don't know what your boyfriend told you about what actually happened between me & him & I don't want to know. Someone gave me an advice not long ago, "Don't be too naive and believe in everything people say/told you". I hold on to this advice until today & are thankful for that advice. Don't believe in everything that people told you.

I have no hard feelings for you either. I'm tired as you are. I'm just asking for you (in bahasa baku) supaya jangan cari gaduh. *haha*

Hey, I still remember what you and your 'friends' said/did back then. But remembering doesn't equals dendam/grudge. It's just a reminder of how cruel the world can be. Come on, how on earth will I (in bahasa baku) menunaikan dendam sy? In what way? You're afraid if I send over a pontianak and haunt you guys for the rest of your life? Afraid if I upah orang to stole your Blackberry in the toilet? You're the crazy one.. :)

I only prayed to God that He will show His way. I'm not the one who cheated on my partner and let my new girlfriend and her bunch of 'friends' to maki-maki and kutuk-kutuk my ex girlfriend like it's nobody business. And so, if you're that paranoid, it just means that you're afraid what God have in stores for you, for you know you had done something wrong. And by the way, don't tell me that it's sooooooooooo wrongggggg to pray to God, into thinking that I'm still trying to get my revenge fulfilled? Stop your nonsense already kakak tua mature yg perasan cun/hot. Oops :) sori, takde la cun pun. *dalam bahasa baku* itu baru sedikit sahaja perkataan insulting yang I used. Think back of other insulting words you've used? And your 'friends'?