Friday, November 2, 2012

November Updates

Hello there :) 
I've been lagging updating my blog. So here's some piccies for you guys to feast your eyes.. I've been lazy to write/updating anything much, so I'll attach some pictures. I hope these pictures will sum it up to what's been happening this November ^_^

My latest color craze: Mint/ baby blue :)
To tell you the truth, I love anything from Topshop haha. Be it bags, clothes, shoes, or make-up. I'm not sure why but maybe because it somehow have these British vibes. But I think their nail polish is quite hard to apply though. You will need very careful hands to apply them as they tends to be not-so-smooth upon application. But they dry pretty quickly :) 

Teeheehee. Finally, moi Chanel Le Blanc :) I've been searching for this compact foundation powder for a while, eversince it hits the stores

Hadalabo whitening facial mask. To tell you the truth, the first time I wore this mask, it doesn't really have any immediate impact to my skin/complexion. But after the second or third of usage, the effect starts to show. It somehow makes my skin looks more radiant and clear after the second or the third usage. So, maybe you guys won't fancy this mask if you're aftering an immediate result :) you can try Garnier facial mask  if you're aftering immediate results.