Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hello Pretty

Due to the lack of posts in my blog, I'll feast your eyes with some pictures of lovely/awesome pieces of clothing ;)

These pictures does not belong to me :) I took them while reading some of the blogs that I like. I put the link up for you guys to check their blogs out. So, here I'll share them with you guys.  I personally don't have anything interesting to post in my blog. That could explain the lack of posts in my blog lately.. I do get onto the internet often, but most of the time, I will just log on to Facebook, checked my e-mail & get onto Twitter (sometimes). And not forgetting, browsing through fashion blogs to look at pretty clothes :P 

I like the long chiffon cardigan with cut out heart at the back in this picture. It's really unique  

Courtesy: Picture of Jezmine Zaidan from her blog here :)

The tudung bawal from Old Blossom Box boutique. Again, the picture is from Jezmine's blog :)
They reminded me of candy, due to its candy-like colors :P I also love the tag that she puts onto the tudung bawal

I love the starry maxi dress

Photo from Topshop Facebook Page. Just type Topshop

Toodles! :)