Sunday, May 20, 2012


Out of boredom and nothing to do *referring to above picture* ;p Anyway, I think a lady must smell nice anywhere she goes, despite how hectic or busy her days may be. And not forgetting, a man should also smells nice too. It's really eerie when you walk next to a lady, especially if she's wearing something stunning (hair, checked. Killer heels, checked. Cute outfit, checked) and out of sudden, your nostrils caught these strong armpit smells. It's quite a put off for me o.O

The nice smelling liquid in the bottle above a.k.a perfume is the the only perfume that I can afford at this time. But I'm trying to get Polo Ralph Lauren new perfume collection for women called The Big Pony Collection, in yellow XD the last time I bought the expensive one was back in 2008 something. I think. It took all my duit raya that year to buy that perfume T~T