Thursday, March 1, 2012


To someone. And he's a male. The reasons:

1) I was a hard person to let go. But recent heartbreaks (and many), have taught me something valuable. If someone take you for granted, talk/chat you up like you don't have feelings, then that person isn't worth for keeping. And so, it's my own feelings that I felt is unnecessary to a certain person, so why not I cut off any communication with that certain person, so it wouldn't lead to that unnecessary feelings anymore in the future?

2) My life sucks, with unnecessary dramas & endless heartbreaks. So in order to get away from that, I focus on liking a celebrity instead. I'm tired of having to hope a lot. I know celebrities won't bring me down, because well, they're just celebrities. And I sounded such a dweeb to actually write this. Lol. I dislike it when people keeps on criticsizing or insulting what makes me happy. If you don't want to be that thing that makes me happy, then stop insulting other things that makes me happy. I searched for something else that makes me happy because you can't be that person who does. Nick Hodgson makes me happy because you can't. You can't because you didn't try/didn't want to?

3) I don't know what I am to you & I don't know who you are to me. I'm feeling confused and I don't want to face with it.

4) Because I'm simply mean. And I want others to cry instead of me the-always-crying-one

5) Because you never give me your phone number. Something for me to contact you. Fb isn't everything for me, though Fb does means something. Sometimes I'm wondering have you ever wanted to talk to me through real life conversations

6) I dislike cursing even with normal friends. Be it even with female friends. Words like bongok, bangang, I'll take it to heart. Cursing isn't the way I'm built

7) Because I'm running away from my own feelings. I have come to a realization, it's a lot easier to just run away from whatever it is that I'm feeling, so I don't have to get hurt. Because I don't know if you wanted to catch me if I happened to fall anyway

8) Because everytime I thought someone is different, they prove me wrong.

9) I dislike competition of any kind. It's a waste of time. So, bye bye. Why I waste my time?

10) Because you didn't say sorry nor apologize.

11) Because we're friends. So I guess friends come and go? I'm sure you will find another friend that's a lot better than me

12) When a guy thinks it's ok to flirt around with strangers.

13) Because you hate me.

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