Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's Ok To Talk/Write In English Even Though You're Not Good At It

It's been a long timeeeee :)
Hello boys and girls, Mr and Mrs/Miss

I haven't been updating my blog as I had less time to do so. It's that time of the year again where work/study have become a bit hectic for me. But all is well, considering that I wasn't much of a busy person almost all my life, so, a little busy-ness is quite needed..

I'm quite excited for the upcoming trip to Mes Pegawai Polis Greysands in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. Me and my 5 fellow friends will be giving a talk regarding Career Development. It's also quite nerve wrecking as I'm not much of an impressionist when it comes to talking live in front of so many audience. Besides that, I'm worried of the outcome/the comments that we will receive. Would you believe that I prefer to 'talk' in texts (SMS) and writing instead of the real talking? haha. Perhaps it's because, texting & writing lend me more time to think of the words/phrases that I actually wanted to say. Compares to real talking, I can't stop for like 20 seconds or more after every phrase that have come out in order for me to think of the next phrases can I? haha

Anywho, I wanted to say something to all of you out there, regarding of the language you're using. I think it's ok to talk/write in English even though your grammar are bad. Even though you're not that good in English. Even though you're using 'broken' English. It's OK. Because it's the usaha that counts. At least you're trying. It's better than you're not at all, isn't it? I, myself, unsure if my English are good or bad. I personally think it's alright, but I don't know how others perceived them. Haha. Narcissistic much? :p

Anyway, I just don't understand why when someone talks/writes in English, some people will deemed it as showing off or in Malay, berlagak? Come on people, lets support them instead of calling or labelling them with so many not so nice 'names' :) it's the thoughts that counts..
Who knows they're just practicing their English language or perhaps they have friends from outside of Malaysia, where their native tongue is English language?

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