Friday, January 6, 2012

Quick Updates For 2012!

Salam & hello dear readers.. had been such a long time since my last blog post! I hope it still isn't too late to wish all of you a happy new year :) 2011 had been mean and green but at the same time, 2011 had also been a cure/antidote for me towards all of the bitterness that's been happening..

Have you got your new year resolutions yet? Despite all of my past resolutions in the past years, I've come to think that my new year resolution will only be one this year, and that is to hope that 2012 will be full of interesting and positive stories, and not to mention, hoping that 2012 will be a happy one :)

There are so many things I would like to talk about, since my blog have been left to dust & mites for quite a long time hehe. This 9th, 13th and 17th January will be my final exams for this semester. Now I've got loads of questions from my friends and people around, asking whether I've completed my studies.. The answer is no..heehuu. But! (There's a but), InsyaAllah, my studies will finish soon.. Perhaps another 3 semester, and I'll be graduating. Just pray for the best ;) let's take a quick preview of what I'll be doing/my wishes for 2012. You can also copy this and write your own 'quick preview' for 2012 too if you like:

Of course, my hope would be to get my first degree (Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Development). Finally. After getting my first degree, maybe I'd like to gain some work experiences and save some money before I start studying again for my Masters degree? Still haven't thought of that yet, which to choose first. Or perhaps it would be the other way around where I'll just continue to Masters degree and start working after that?

*cough*. We all can't live with love or from liking that particular someone of the opposite gender. But I guess past experiences taught me something valuable. No more the bf-gf tie. But say yes to engagement tie or marriage tie. Haha.. Honestly, I'm exhausted of having to have my eyes all swollen from crying and heartaches that you least expected. Your bf/gf isn't legally belong to you yet. If you really love and like someone and seriously wanted them to be your partner in life (husband/wife), then you should just save your money and get an engagement ring. I'm not saying being in a bf-gf knot isn't a good thing, but to me, maybe I'll be your gf for a few months and then we'll be hitting the term "ENGAGEMENT" for real. I don't know, I guess it's comforting for me to know that we're just one step towards marriage and that you're really serious about building a life together with me?

If you really like someone, you'd be faithful and etc. All those things comes naturally when you've truly fallen for someone..

My favourite subject of them all.. If you'd like to know something, recently I've lost my fashion sense and confidence, big time. Suddenly I've felt that everything I wear looks u.g.l.y. Why you asked? Enough for me to say that one opinion from someone you like/cared about your fashion sense can simply ruins everything in you. You didn't expect that someone actually dislike what you wear so much. That's what happened to me alrighty. Anyway, my fave thing to wear right now is not-pants haha. Skirts. Long flowy skirts. High waisted A-Line skirts. It's not because my legs have grown to hippo legs, but perhaps dah insaf? Lol. Repent. To be more of a Muslim in terms of dressings. Seriously, my jeans/pants consists of skinnies and those that are skin tight and I lack of blouses/dresses that can covers my hoo hoos a.k.a butt. So, I guess I dislike when I showed my butt for display. Get what I mean? haha. But sometimes, I do wear em beacuse wtf-I'm-so-lazy-to-think-of-which-skirts-matches-this-shirt

Anyway, I love the fancy bow modern baju kurung from Button My Buttons. They're all oh-so-pretty :) but a bit pricey hehe

I realized that my blog lack of pictures. So, till then, I'll write again