Monday, January 9, 2012

Final Exam Week For This Semester

What I wore today ( Monday, 9 January 2012 )

Sheer cream colored puff sleeved blouse, high waisted black-white polkadotted maxi skirt and black pashmina

The back look for the sheer blouse that I wore
(pandangan belakang untuk baju yang dipakai). Ade zipper! :)

Silver nails. Ok, tak berapa kelihatan disitu. Kbye. Haha

Gedik nak jugak update apa yang dipakai pada hari ni. Today was my first paper at 9a.m this morning. I came a bit late as there were no taxi at the Damai LRT Station. Pffttt.. But all is well. I managed to catch a cab along with an auntie that also waited there for what it seems like ages. Rode a taxi with strangers. But hey, you should try it..haha. I've tried it quite a lot of time when cabs are quite hard to get by.

The day before the exam, I was strolling around in Berjaya Times Square. Oh moi, lots of good looking shoes and clothes =.=

I think I did well on my paper today, but I don't know. Ahaha. I hope all is good.

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