Saturday, November 12, 2011

Words Of M&M's?

I have no intention of giving anyone a bad name nor the intention of embarassing anyone. But I suppose people that comes across this blog and read it (whether accidentally or intendedly) could judge or speak for themselves. Call me 'perasan' or anything. I guess it wouldn't be a crime for me to show them?

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Seriously, takde la rase marah berapi api or berasap asap. Orang yg sangat immature je kot yg akan terase begitu? ;p rase macam kelakar je.. hoho. Lagi kelakar bila kite post kat blog or Fb dan bagi 1 dunia tengok?

Tak tau la ape masalah sebenar cik mek molek 2 orang kat atas & 'the guy' as well. Mengambil antara kata-kata yg disalah eja di atas "people make mistakes and were only human". Yup, mmg semua org make mistakes tapi kalau mistakes yg sama diulang more than once?

I don't know what these girls problems are. Even my Fb status tentang Taylor Swift pun diorang gasak nak bantai? Someone needs to read papers a lot more or know what's going with the world around them then busy tweeting or BBM-ing about how 'psychotic' or 'crazy' I am or what they had for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Fyi, I love Taylor Swift and her songs. I was relating Taylor Swift's case with Joe Jonas (Google it) with my own personal dwindlings. What's even more funny, my status that mentioned about Taylor Swift have nothing to do with 'him'. Must everything that I post in my Fb are about him? Always 24/7 circulating around 'him'? So perasan.. You know perasan? Well, perasan looks like you la..haha. *Cough M&M's out* I never talked bad about any of them (the girls). If my talk about her (Marianne Tra Anchang) brother are considered as bad, then I guess someone needs to face off the reality. I faced off the reality. I accepted that he had moved on. But you need to differentiate between accepting and ignoring. Ignoring in this case is ignoring what people say about you. Letting people walked all over you. I'm not letting that. Other women might shut it and forget about it, but I'm not that other women. Guess unlucky you that you had met someone like me ey?

This isn't about revenge or berdendam. If I had the chance, I would explain or elaborate it in essays long. But it's a waste of time.

It's funny how people say that you're annoying but you kept on keeping them in your Fb? If you think anyone in your Fb as annoying, you can just click 'Unfriend' or block them. Sheesh must everything needed to be told or taught? But it's sokayyy, I've done it for you :)

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