Sunday, August 28, 2011

Why You're Still Single?

" To all you single girls, it's okay to be single. Do not fret, but instead, be thankful that Allah actually picked to protect YOU from the petty sins that we might do with boys (Flirt, holding hands etc). Your moment will soon arrive before you know it. =) And to you girls that already are in a relationship, do remember that you are also lucky to be having an another half to whom you wanna share your life with, I just hope you guys will ponder and change the way you and your partner’s way in a relationship.

Remember, a blessed relationship begins with a clean plate. Imagine you're about to attend a buffet dinner, and there's this long line of delicious foods that awaits you. But then you go and pick a dirty plate for you to enjoy your entire meal. Yes, you can still eat, but wouldn't the rest of your eating journey then be very bland and urm, uninteresting? Had you chosen the cleaner plate, the buffet journey would be such a pleasing experience you would actually get later on "

Taken from Shea. Click here to read the post on her blog :)

I like her view on why some of us are still single and her view regarding relationships on that particular post. Somehow, it hits me like a million bricks. Reading her post, makes me feel that it's ok that I'm walking alone right now as a loner. Even though I don't have that particular special someone, I should be thankful that I have lots of that particular someone ;p Read: Friends. Jk. Haha

I should be thankful that I have friends that cares. Friends that sees the true meaning of friendships, despite the gender. Kawan takde limit pun kan berapa kali kita nak texts diorang or bila bila je kalau kita perlukan.. (Itu pun kalau kawan tu jenis yg betul betul true friend..). I don't really bother or mind the gender of my friends. Be it guys or girls. Both have its advantages. Sometimes, just because I'm friend with some guys, doesn't mean I fancy them or something like that

So, kepada sesiapa yg masih belum berpunya tu, jgn la sedih sedih ye.. Kadangkala memang la terasa sedih etc, tapi ingat beberapa benda kat bwh ni:

Go for someone who is not only proud to have you but will also take every risk just to be with you.

Don't start a relationship with someone without intending to make it last.

Kadangkala mungkin memang bukan niat kita utk melukakan hati/perasaan sesiapa. Tapi, bila dh tersedar, cepat cepat la perbetulkan kesalahan yg telah dilakukan. Jgnla kita ignore je sesuatu kesilapan tu dgn harapan yg masalah tu akan go away. Tak adil jugak utk the other person. Anda akan membuatkan dia tertunggu tunggu dan wondering what went wrong and why. Ape pun, that's a short entry from me :)

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