Sunday, August 21, 2011

BB Cream & Face Powder Product Review

I think I spent more $ on my face more than I spent on clothes. Well that's my personal opinion speaking, but if you asked my sister, she would say I spent equally on both ;p and that's not even a compliment. It just means I spend a lot both on clothes and face lol. I have 2 new face products that I used very recently, as the old ones had finished. As I grow older, I don't like wasting on stuffs, so I only buys something when something is completely finished. Usually it takes about 5 to 6 months for one product to finish. And sometimes, more than that. But I don't really count the duration. Just an approximate guess :) Here are my review on the 2 products I used at the moment:

Revlon New Complexion Long-Wearing Whitening 2-Way Foundation/Powder

Believe it or not, I searched for Revlon from Jerantut, to Temerloh, to Kuala Lipis (Pahang) and none of the places I mentioned, sells Revlon products. It's quite frustrating because in times I needed things the most, that's when it's not available. In the end, I bought the thing above at Jusco Alpha Angle Wangsa Maju, the place where I first spotted this thing. Now, why you asked I didn't bought it back then when I first spotted it? Well, it's because there was no available hues :/ if I bought it in the wrong color, it would look like as if I'm wearing a mask a.k.a funny. So far, this powder gives justice for me.

It doesn't gives you that blue-ish like hues atau lebih tepat lagi, dalam Bahasa Melayu, tak nampak birat. Kekadang ade bedak yg korang pakai, pastu muka akan kelihatan seperti kebiru-biruan & macam pakai topeng pun ade.. It was just trial and error as I didn't looked up this product anywhere in magazines, TV or the internet. I went to the beauty counter, brushed the powder/almost everything there on the back of my palms and voila, I think I found the perfect powder (for now) thehee. The main thing that attract my eyes are, the Whitening thingy. So, macam sambil menyelam, menghirup air. So, powder up girlies! ;)

Bio-Essence Bio Platinum BB Cream

I found out about this BB Cream through Cleo Magazines. I'm an ardent fan of Cleo Magazines. The advertisement for this BB Cream looks interesting, so why not? Mind you that I didn't expect this BB Cream would be burning a hole in my pocket. I thought the price range are around the same of Maybelline. In my opinion it's pretty expensive for a BB Cream :/ but anywho, it's worth the price, I must say. It came in just one shade. One shade fits all. But there are 3 varieties. Nude/Natural/Whitening, Coverage and Hydrates.

I think the packaging are quite nice. I like how the cream smells. It's quite calming. It smells fresh like you've just woken up in the moist of a morning garden full of pretty fresh smelling flowers. The smell are not strong in anyway. So, thumbs up. The texture of the cream are quite fine and it doesn't dries out your skin. I usually apply it after washing & toning my face

So, after reading this, how do you feel? :) I hope you like this review and hopefully it might be useful in anyway. My apologies for any grammatical errors or any typos :p

I like using different products everytime. I don't stick to just one product all the way. I know, it's bad. But I suppose there are many interesting products out there, so it's a shame if I don't try 'em ;p I will try as much as I can until I found the exactly perfect product for my skin :)