Sunday, May 22, 2011

It doesn't matter your age, race, religion. As long as you're willing to work for it, fight for it, and keep it, despite the circumstances or the worries that held long inside you, relationships do work. You just have to give chances. Failed once, doesn't mean you will fail too in the future. Past failures are never meant to be a benchmark of how future will be like. Failures if not, are just times to reflect ourselves. Maybe we were in the same pot hole, without we realized it, never wanting to try something new, so the same failures strikes us again. Running away or cutting it loose will not make things any better. If you're afraid that you will get hurt or hurt people even more in the future, what makes you think that the decision you've made now, doesn't hurt them now and perhaps lasts through their future?

Reality can be hard to accept to some. Indeed, when we thought things will always be peaches and cream, always gives you that butterflies/squeamish feelings that flutters inside you, we will be frustrated of how things will be like if it doesn't feel the same way anymore. And you will start second guessing whether this will be the right choice, and thinks that when you don't feel the same way about the person, you should dump them. People talks about maturity, of how one is mature or immature, but if we can't fight for things and never wanting to give chances, and simply walks away because you think it's the best choice to make before things gets too late, then maturity should speaks for itself.

As you see, I'm not the strongest person that are like everyone else. As Yuna said in her song called Cinta Sempurna,

"Aku manusia lemah. Selalu terjatuh. Berbeda aku darimu. Kau berdiri teguh. Aku serba tiada"

I hope understandings are a two-way communication. As much as we understands others, they should understands us too. Yes, I'm young, I haven't been through what others might have through. I might have not been through what you've been through. :)

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