Saturday, April 23, 2011

RM15 Maxi Pleated Satin Skirt

Sorry for putting up such pics.. It's kinda horrible due to the blurriness and how stiff I am posing in this pic! o.O

It's just a cell phone photo with quite bad quality.. It's not like all my other/previous photos, where I used THE SAME cell phone, but of course, all the other/previous photos, are close ups and I use quite some natural sun lighting..haha. Bila dah take foto dari jauh.. tadaaa... jadilah macam ni.. :p

The highlight of this post is, I bought this maxi pleated satin skirt from Jusco Setiawangsa with my friend Aznurul Ain.. ;p it costs only RM15, which I think is quite an awesome bargain!

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